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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Travel Nursing Jobs in Towson for RNs

Find Top RN Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Travel Nursing Jobs in Towson, Maryland

AMN Healthcare can help you find the top NICU travel nurse jobs in and around Towson, Maryland. We currently offer 1 of the best available nurse travel jobs in the Towson area. We have new jobs updating daily, so be sure to Apply Now so our specialists can make sure you get first crack. We make it easy for you to compare Towson’s NICU nursing jobs by allowing you to filter based on salary, shift type, location or duration to find the right job for you.

Today you can find NICU jobs with a salary range from $1,576 per week. The Towson NICU travel nursing market can include hospital facilities in Towson proper like University of Maryland St Joseph Medical Center Fka St Joseph Medical Center with more facilities in nearby areas like Rosedale, Baltimore and Owings Mills to name a few.

Towson is a great location for NICU travel nurses to come live, work and play! And what is a travel nurse looking for if not a great work/life balance in a fun city? Search for jobs below or apply now and our AMN Healthcare team will help get you started!

Search Top Paying Travel Registered Nurse Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Jobs in Towson

AMN Healthcare currently has 1 travel Registered Nurse Neonatal Intensive Care Unit positions available in the Towson, MD area. Search the most recent jobs below, or click the button below to view all jobs.

travel Compact State
Registered Nurse – Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Towson, Maryland – 21204
  • 12 N,
  • August 12, 2024
  • 10
$1,576 to $1,737
Weekly Pay*
** Facility will ACCEPT LOCALS for this position. ALL RTO requests must be in the packet at the time of submission. Anything sent after, will not be approved. Position Description: NICU RN. Min of 2 years experience required. Every third weekend and on-call requirement. Ratio 1:1-4 depending on acuity. Hospital blue scrubs. Epic EMR. Required Upon Submission: BLS and NRP are required. Valid MD license verified through NURSYS only. No temp licenses are allowed. COVID vaccine required. Medical Declination accepted, Must have signed and authorized documentation from Physician in packet or submission will be dropped. UMMS does not accept religious COVID declinations. Manager to interview and offer. Position Description Facility Name: UM St. Joseph Medical Center Total # of Facility Beds: 247 Unit Name: NNICU IIIB Unit Specialty: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Total # of Unit Beds/Suites/Deliveries: 20 Teaching Facility: ? Y ? N Teaching Hospital Experience Required: ? Y ? N Trauma Level: no Prior Travel Experience Required: ? Y ? N Minimum # Years Clinical Experience Required: 2 Minimum # Years Clinical Experience in Specialty Required: 2 Certifications Required: BLS, NRP Certifications Preferred: Note others Nurse Patient Ratio by shift: 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 depends on acuity of neonate. Acuity waivers. No ecmo, no cooling, and no major surgical—they would stabilize and go to University of MD. Many premies, take from 23 weeks on. Births are 2400/ year here. Circulate/Scrub as applicable: Click or tap here to enter text. Ancillary Assistance: CNA/ PCT: ? Y ? N #staff per shift: Click or tap here to enter text. Unit clerk/Secretary: ? Y ? N #staff per shift: Click or tap here to enter text. Other: Click or tap here to enter text. #staff per shift: Click or tap here to enter text. Advanced Practice on the unit: Mid level coverage # Days of Orientation: 2-3 shifts Specialty Testing for Unit/Facility: ? U ? F Patient Care Modality: Primary Nursing Dress Code Scrubs/color: Hospital Blue Shoes: closed Jewelry: professional, minimal Hair/Beard: trim, clean, pulled back Nail Polish: no acrylics or gels, neat trimmed naiils Documentation System: Epic Medication System: Click or tap here to enter text. Floating Required: ? Y ? N To what units/facilities: Normal NB Nursery/and Pedi with appropriate babies Describe the rotation: travelers and agency go first Charge required: ? Y ? N Scheduling: Click or tap here to enter text. Shift Hours: 7a-7:30p and 7p-7:30a Rotation Schedule: no Self-Scheduling No, manager driven Weekend Requirements: yes, every third Call Requirements: yes 12 hours every 6 weeks Holiday Requirements: yes Patient Population (Diagnoses): RSV, prematurity, meconium, conventional oscillator high flow ventilators. * Down town takes the surgical babies, PDA, neuro. Will do surgery here if emergency, but downtown is close and transports. Age Range: 23 weeks to post term Special Equipment: (For example: IV Pumps: Type; Invasive Monitoring; Monitors: Type; ECMO; Ventilators: Type; ABG: Type) Alaris pump, GE Dash monitoring Respiratory available 24/7 for support ? Y ? N Anesthesia available 24/7 for support ? Y ? N Who manages ventilators: RT Unit Specific Procedures and Protocols: (For example: Drips; Infusions; Phlebotomy; Starting IVs; EKGs; Transports; Weaning; Nebulizer to Inhaler; Starting IVs, performing venipuncture, Performing EKGs; Discontinuing sheaths) Drips, pressors, blood, blood products, IV Fluids, antibiotics, TPN, Vent care. Milk system scanned (Cerner Bridge System). Secure unit with locked door system. Have a parent room for 24 hr.
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Statistics on NICU RN Jobs in Towson, Maryland

Here are some helpful statistics about NICU traveling nurse jobs in & near Towson. The data is based on the last three complete months of NICU job postings in the Towson and nearby areas. It is updated regularly, so you can find the most recent Neonatal Intensive Care Unit job salary trends, the types of shifts, and contract durations most commonly available in Towson and more. Find out more about travel nursing salaries.

Salary Range

Jobs by Facility types

FAQs About Travel NICU Nursing Jobs for RNs in Towson, MD

What are the top paying Neonatal Intensive Care Unit jobs currently available in or near Towson?

What types of shifts are most common for NICU travel jobs in Towson?

Based on the last 6 months of travel nurse jobs data, 12 Hour Night shifts were the most common in Towson and surrounding areas.

How many Neonatal Intensive Care Unit travel nursing jobs are available in Towson?

There are currently 1 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit travel nursing jobs available in Towson. We also get new nursing specialties jobs daily, so be sure to apply now and a recruiter will help you find the perfect fit as jobs become available.

How much does a night shift Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse make on average in Towson and nearby cities?

A: A 12 Hour Night shift Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse in Towson can make an average of $1,657 per week based on recent job availability data.

What hospitals and healthcare facilities have Neonatal Intensive Care Unit staff in or near Towson?

  • South Baltimore County Medical Center in Halethorpe (10.8 miles from Towson)
  • Woodlawn Medical Center in Windsor Mill (10.4 miles from Towson)
  • Nottingham Oral Surgery in Catonsville (11.2 miles from Towson)
  • Cumbria Capital MSO, LLC in Columbia (20.1 miles from Towson)
  • Post-Acute Physician Partners, LLC (PAPP) in Baltimore (4.7 miles from Towson)

How much does an Neonatal Intensive Care Unit travel nurse make on average in Towson?

A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse in Towson can make an average of $1,657 per week.

Locating Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Travel Nursing Jobs in Towson

In Towson, facilities like South Baltimore County Medical Center, Woodlawn Medical Center and Nottingham Oral Surgery, all offer NICU departments. It’s a great city to work in and nearby to neighborhoods like Wakefield Manor (zip code 21014), Country Village (zip code 21014) and English Country Manor (zip code 21014) neighborhoods.

Other popular cities near Towson’s NICU job opportunities are Rosedale (7.3 miles), Baltimore (7.7 miles) and Owings Mills (9.6 miles). These are near to zip codes: 21204 (1.1 miles), 21215 (4.7 miles) and 21237 (7.4 miles).

Towson Hospitals With NICU Departments

There are 1 hospitals & healthcare facilities that have NICU nurses in Towson. Sometimes it is useful to see what types of shifts, contract durations, and travel nurse housing in nearby neighborhoods each facility might offer in order to find the right opportunity for your next traveling NICU nurse position in or nearby Towson.

University of Maryland Medical System
8 D, 8 E, 8 N, 10 D, 10 E, 10 N, 12 D, 12 E, and 12 N
Job Durations
12, 9, 13, 10, 163, 11, and 8
22 South Greene Street, NULL
Baltimore, MD 21201
University of Maryland St Joseph Medical Center Fka St Joseph Medical Center
10 D, 12 D, 12 E, and 12 N
Job Durations
12, 13, 10, and 8
Cardiovascular ICU Emergency Room Intensive Care Unit Interventional Radiology Labor & Delivery Medical Surgical Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Telemetry
7601 OSLER DR.
Towson, MD 21204

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* Estimate of payments is intended for informational purposes and includes hourly wages, as well as reimbursements for meal & incidental expenses and housing expenses incurred on behalf of the Company. Please speak with a recruiter for additional details.