Our SOC2 compliant predictive analytics and scheduling software solution, Smart Square®, combines workforce demand forecasting with robust and customizable scheduling capabilities and business intelligence tools. Beyond the technology, our consultative client advisors partner with you to help you automate your strategic labor plan.

Scheduling Tools for Any Healthcare System

No Matter What You Do, Smart Square® Has You Covered

  • Enterprise Staffing View: Facilitate sharing flexible forms of resources across the system supported by robust reporting capabilities
  • Integrated Technology: Seamlessly integrate with existing HR, Time, Payroll, and EMR systems.
  • Open Shift Management: Automated and patented open shift management and variable incentive program, giving time back to clinicians and scaled based on patient demand
  • On-Call Scheduling and Rapid Shift Recruit: Pre-scheduled on-call needs and text-based for fast-approaching shifts
  • Cyclic Scheduling, Self-Scheduling, and Pre-Posting of Shifts: For both union and non-union environments

Integrated Solutions for Optimal Outcomes

Elevate your healthcare staffing operations with Smart Square® which has over 300 integration capabilities. This dynamic digital solution easily integrates with existing systems and leverages automation and data analysis to accurately forecast staffing requirements, offer insights, and establish engaged talent networks.

Simple Scheduling Software with Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics

Predictions made 60 days out will forecast your needs within one resource on every shift 96% of the time

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Open Shift Management

Fill up to 75% of open shift hours more than two weeks ahead of the shift

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Deployment and Productivity

Enterprise view to support centralized resource management, providing staffing transparency across the system

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Optimize Your Workforce with Us

Built by a Health System for Health Systems

Our Scheduling & Staff Planning tools uncover the opportunities most critical to optimizing your workforce and controlling costs.


And, with the ability to see staffing across an entire health system on one screen, centralized staffing offices have a 30,000-foot view of supply and demand for upcoming shifts, allowing more strategic placement of staff.

Intelligence Tools for Successful Planning

Leverage your data and our expertise to deliver intelligence to uncover the opportunities most critical to optimizing your workforce.
Our advanced analytics offer metrics on quality of schedules, identification of opportunities to increase quality of schedule build and deployment, resulting in cost-effective, sustainable resource management.

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Schedule Dashboard

Allows managers to evaluate staffing outcomes and trends, helping to pinpoint opportunities for additional focus, such as overtime.

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Financial Dashboard

Provides daily productivity outcomes, comparing actual worked hours to budgeted hours and costs for both variable and fixed hours

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Variance Dashboard

Blends the Schedule and Financial Dashboards, providing the reasons behind the variances between scheduled and actual hours worked, helping managers identify trends such as staff members clocking in earlier or staying later than their scheduled time.



Leading Medical Center Creates a Flexible Workforce with an Internal Agency

One of the top academic medical centers in the United States partnered with AMN Healthcare to employ innovative enterprise workforce management approaches, including establishing an Internal Agency Pool.

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Webinar: Dynamic Workforce Strategies for a Stronger Healthcare Organization

This recorded webinar features workforce optimization experts as they discuss UAB’s challenges and how they have achieved success by executing a workforce strategy comprised of:

  • Data, forecasting, and analytics
  • Operational guidance to drive the strategy
  • Scheduling technology with predictive analytics


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On-Demand Webinar: How 3 Health Systems are Addressing Workforce Shortages

This recorded webinar provides real-time demonstrations on how three health systems have transformed their workforce management approach with advanced workforce management strategies.

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