AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting

Our revenue cycle solutions leverage people, processes, and technology to provide tailored strategies and sustainable solutions for your organization. What makes AMN Revenue Cycle Consulting unique to the industry is the ability to harness the power of our many services to act as a cohesive unit across the continuum of care.

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Our Comprehensive Solutions

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Our team of experts provides independent and unbiased assessments of people, processes, and technology

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Our performance-focused education solutions are designed to bridge knowledge and skills gaps

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Outsourcing allows for increased efficiencies, a reduction in spending and administrative burden

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Our customizable services include remote support to achieve fiscal and quality objectives

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Our data trending model is used to identify opportunities, risks and provide targeted methods for your needs

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Unique Revenue Cycle Consulting

Industry’s Most Experienced Mid-Revenue Cycle Provider

Experienced: As the industry’s most experienced mid-revenue cycle provider, we understand the components of a sound financial plan

Leverage Technology: Business intelligence and data analytics help uncover underlying themes to help promote savings and new innovation

Integrated Solution: Our solutions provide customizable and unique services to your company, allowing you to see where there are opportunities

  • We use business intelligence and data analytics to uncover opportunities to improve revenue capture and promote cost savings.
  • Our unique data-driven approach empowers clients with the business intelligence needed to effectuate positive change.
  • As an integrated AMN Healthcare solution, we deliver the most comprehensive services to help healthcare organizations succeed in a patient-centered world.


Revenue Cycle Consulting Staffing

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