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President Biden Plans to Nominate Public School Educator Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education

As President Joseph Biden begins his first 100 days of office, the education community has been focusing on the president’s intention to nominate Connecticut Schools Chief Miguel A. Cardona, Ph.D., as his Secretary of Education. Biden said he

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Rehab Sees Cuts to Therapy Payments in 2021

In late December of 2020, President Trump signed the voluminous 2021 tax and spending bill into law, resulting in reduced funding to specialty providers, including physical, occupational and speech therapists.

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NursesEverywhere: A Voice to Strengthen Access to Care

The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly challenged and forever changed the U.S. healthcare system and the millions of nurses and other healthcare professionals serving on the front lines of care.    However, with each challenge comes opportunity. The pandemic

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