• NurseStaffingNurse staffing shortages are serious business, and so is choosing the right travel nurse staffing partner. Ultimately the decision can impact your patient outcomes, patient satisfaction evaluations, and even your bottom line. When choosing your travel nurse staffing partner, you’ll want to look for a provider that can give you access to the most qualified nurses and clinicians who are passionate about patient care. 

    Here’s what you should look for in a travel nurse staffing partner:

    1. Access to a large, diverse supply of QUALIFIED nurses   

    Nurse Healthcare Staffing ServicesYou’ll want to partner with a company who has a large network of clinicians. However, size isn’t everything. The experience level of the network must be top notch to ensure your quality of care remains high.

    That’s where AMN Healthcare comes in. We have the largest network of qualified nurses in the nation, including high-need and hard-to-fill specialties. All AMN clinicians undergo rigorous screening and are provided with continuing education courses to ensure compliance at all times. Plus, 50% of AMN RNs have BSNs vs. 34% in the general RN population; the majority of AMN RNs have over six years of experience; and over 70% of AMN nurses are rebooked due to nurse quality and client satisfaction.

     2. A flexible, cost-effective staffing solution   

    Cost Effective Healthcare Staffing ServicesYou may only need extra help for a few weeks out of the year, or maybe you need a much more consistent influx of nurses. Regardless of what you need when, your partner should be flexible and available when you need them…while staying within your budget.

    Temporary staffing is AMN’s specialty so we always have top talent available when you need it, for as long as your require. Temporary staff contracts can be arranged for the busy season, and when demand drops to typical levels, your facility can return to a smaller permanent nurse workforce. Plus, AMN hourly rates are competitive with the total cost of a FTE, so you can reduce OT costs and fill seasonal needs without additional hires. 

     3. Proven reliability and experience

    Experienced Healthcare Staffing Services When patient outcomes are at stake (as well as your bottom line), your staffing partner should have a proven track record of reliability and success in the healthcare industry. 

    AMN has 29+ years of proven short- and long-term healthcare staffing experience and has contracts with over 80% of AHA hospitals. Plus, AMN has received The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval. And AMN was named one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes. AMN has seen and done it all, and is respected and trusted by industry leaders.  

    4. A single point of contact for managing your entire clinical contingent workforce

    sticky5Managing multiple workforce vendors and agencies can be quite time consuming, and inefficient from a cost and operational perspective. So finding a staffing partner who can deliver the most qualified candidates as well as offer a cost-effective way to manage your entire clinical (and often non-clinical) contingent workforce is ideal.

    In addition to being the largest provider of the most qualified nurses in the nation, AMN is also the largest provider of Managed Services in acute and academic medical centers nationwide. The AMN Managed Services Program (MSP) offers a proven, cost-effective, 
    single point of contact solution for the management of vendors, agencies, and contracts, in-house staffing pools, candidate selection and interviews, timekeeping, billing, and all related workforce processes.  

      5. Personalized customer support

    Healthcare Staffing Personalized Customer SupportYour staffing partner should be just that…a partner. You should feel confident knowing you’re being supported by industry experts who make your success their success.

    Each client at AMN is paired with a dedicated account manager – supporting you and your unique needs is their #1 priority. Plus, AMN account managers have years of industry experience so you won’t ever have to worry about the reliability of their knowledge and expertise.

    Whether you’re dealing with nurse shortages due to LOAs, ACA reform, census or seasonal fluctuations, or general unforeseen absences, use these five criteria to find a high-quality, reliable travel nurse staffing partner for your facility. 

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