Physical therapist working with patient

AMN Supports PTs Seeking Multistate Practice Privileges

Robin Johnson

In this time of growing clinician shortages, AMN Healthcare is taking action to help healthcare organizations and their patients get the physical therapy services they need.

AMN has launched a major campaign to assist physical therapy professionals seeking multistate privileges through The Physical Therapy Licensure Compact.  The Compact is a state-based initiative dedicated to reducing regulatory barriers to interstate practice for PT professionals.  Thus far, 21 states have joined the Compact, with three that went live on July 9, 2018.

This innovative approach will greatly benefit patients, clinicians and healthcare providers.  As part of our strong support for this effort, we are announcing today plans to underwrite the application fees for AMN physical therapists, or PTs, and PT assistants who desire to work in one of the Compact states.

Under the Compact system, qualified PTs, whose home state is a Compact participant, can apply for privileges to work in another Compact state without having to secure an additional license. While three states began issuing Compact privileges on July 9, 2018, many more states are expected to come online soon.

The Compact replaces the traditional system of requiring PTs to be separately licensed in each state where they practice -- a time-consuming process that has long hampered their ability to take up residence and begin working in another state or to travel across state lines to provide care.  

We see multistate privileges as a win for all involved.  Patients will have greater access to quality care, clinicians will have more mobility and new career opportunities, and healthcare organizations will be provided with larger numbers of qualified professionals. It will also allow the provision of electronic or telemedicine services by competent clinicians across state lines.

The multistate compact could also help rural areas, where shortages of all types of therapists are particularly acute and demand for their services is high. AMN data shows that demand is twice as strong relative to supply for rural areas when compared to urban areas. 

AMN’s decision to fund the application fees is our contribution to advancing the growth of the PT Compact, which we see as another positive step toward national licensing for many healthcare professionals.  Through this effort, we are helping our clients achieve greater flexibility in clinical staffing and supporting PTs themselves in achieving their professional and personal goals.

Multistate compacts are also underway for nurses and physicians. Compacts are part of an important evolution in healthcare, recognizing the need for greater clinician access to meet our nation’s growing patient needs and greater flexibility in an era of transformation for the healthcare industry.