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AMN Passport June 7, 2023

New Features Added to AMN Passport, Including Clinician ‘Impact Tracker'

AMN Passport, the highest-rated mobile healthcare app in the industry that helps nurses and allied healthcare professionals quickly find, book, and manage their assignments, has new upgrades to better connect users, including features that allow them to see their personal impact in the communities they serve.

AMN Passport’s new “impact tracker” can show a healthcare professional’s personal impact based on the number of communities they have served and patient care hours. Users can now apply for new job opportunities, serve in different communities and log more patient hours which will all be archived as part of an overall impact score.

The new tracker complements other enhanced benefits, such as extended connectivity among the healthcare provider community. Blog and video posts containing advice on booking new assignments, tips on how to get credentialed faster, and time and pay management, plus other connections, are all found in one place.

Beyond the scope of the original app to find travel assignments, track credentials and view time and pay, the upgraded app allows users to be part of a much larger network so that ideas, support and camaraderie can be exchanged freely. As healthcare professionals begin to tangibly see the hours they have put in and the many communities they have served, this will serve as a compelling reminder of the impact they have made in delivering quality patient care.

The free app is available for download at the Apple Store or Google Play.


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