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AMN Passport September 22, 2022

What is AMN Passport? We Spoke to the Experts.

What exactly is AMN Passport and how does it benefit you as a travel healthcare worker? We sat down with Audra Giancarli, Digital Marketing Program Manager for AMN Passport, and Courtney Freitag, Senior Project Manager for AMN Passport, to answer some common questions.

1. What is AMN Passport?

AMN Passport is the one stop shop for our travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals! Whether you’re using our mobile app, or logging in through our website, it lets you take charge of your journey with AMN Healthcare. Browse jobs, apply directly, sign your contract, manage your credentials, access assignment details, and track your time and pay. It takes the guess work and waiting out of excelling in your career. 

2. How does AMN Passport benefit me?

AMN Passport was created for candidates, by candidates, to give you more control and transparency. It provides a seamless and centralized experience that is completely customized for you. You will be guided on your journey through AMN Passport without having to keep track of anything. You define what you’re looking for, and our top-secret matching technology finds jobs specifically for you. Achieving your professional goals shouldn’t be dependent on coordinating schedules or always being available to answer a phone call. AMN Passport puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you the flexibility to navigate your career - anytime, anywhere.

If any of these pertain to you, you will likely find AMN Passport an indispensable tool:

  • Thinking about a career change and want to do some research on options?
  • Looking for your next travel assignment?
  • Frustrated with having to look through hundreds of emails to get information about your assignment?
  • Tired of searching in multiple different places for your health records, licenses, certifications, etc.?
  • Find it hard to keep track of document/certification/license renewal dates?
  • Ready to move away from the archaic ways of PAPER timecards?
  • Simply want to verify you’re getting paid accurately, and on-time?

AMN Passport has you covered in these scenarios and so many more!

3. Who is eligible to use AMN Passport, and is there any cost involved?

Anyone and everyone can use AMN Passport, for FREE! AMN Passport is available to download for free in the Google Play and Apple Store, or you can go to AMNPassport.com to create an account! If you’ve already completed an AMN application, once you setup your username and password, your account details with sync within 24 hours. If you’re new to AMN, you’ll be asked to complete a five-minute application before full access to all the benefits is granted.  

4. What’s the most important thing you’d want people to know about the app?

Just as the industry is constantly evolving, so is AMN Passport! Our dedicated Passport Team is committed to continuous evolvement and enabling innovative solutions. You can stay in the know of all new updates by setting your notifications to “on” inside of your preferences section in the app!  

5. Is there an online version of the app?

Yes! AMNPassport.com can be accessed online. You can expect the same great experience between AMN Passport and Passport Web so you can stay connected at home or on the go.  

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