Travel Nursing May 4, 2017

8 Best Travel Apps for Nurses

Becoming a travel nurse can be one of the most exciting decisions you’ll make during your nursing career. 

You’ll be able to experience new work environments every few months, travel to places you’ve always wanted to visit, and earn generous compensation as a result.

Optimize your travel while embarking on this next phase of your travel nursing career by checking out these best nursing apps for travel.

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Efficient Mobile Apps for a Seamless Travel Nursing Journey

From getting around in your new city to finding local treasures, these travel nursing apps are available on iOS and Android to help make your travels less expensive, more convenient, and more fun.

1. Waze

Getting around in a new town or city can be a challenge without a good GPS app to steer you around town. 

While existing apps like Google Maps can do the trick, Waze takes it to the next level. The app helps you plan exactly when to leave and lets you know when there are obstacles that could delay your travel time.

This program is among the best nursing apps for you to utilize whether at home or on the road, so you never sit unnecessarily in traffic again or show up late to a shift. You can even customize Waze with a variety of speaking voices, including recording your own.

2. GasBuddy

Gas prices change constantly, and you don’t want to be stuck driving all over your new area in search of the lowest fuel costs. 

The GasBuddy travel app is kept up-to-date by millions of users who input gas prices as they see them, so you can always compare and know which station to hit before you leave home. 

The app also lets you see when the price at a particular location was last updated. And you can sign up for valuable cash-back rewards through its gas purchasing program.

3. MeetUp

Moving to a new area can be daunting, particularly if you don’t know anyone there yet. 

It’s important to balance your work life with some personal pursuits, which is where MeetUp comes into the mix. 

Using this app, nurses can find like-minded individuals who get together to discuss art, read books, taste wine, hike trails or pursue other interests. 

4. TripAdvisor

Although the name implies that this app will be most helpful as you travel, you can actually use TripAdvisor on a daily basis to find restaurants and attractions in the areas where your nursing assignments are located. 

Some restaurants even accept reservations through the app, and you’ll have first-person feedback on consumer experiences at your fingertips to help you plan out where to go.

5. LiveTrekker

A list of best nursing app choices for traveling nurses wouldn’t be complete without LiveTrekker

This integrative travel tracker-slash-diary leaves you with precious memories for yourself and to share with others. 

It literally tracks you on the map, then lets you add your own pictures or thoughts that can be shared with your loved ones in real-time.

6. AirBnB

Typically, your agency will help you with your travel nursing housing you need during your assignment. 

However, you may prefer to seek your own housing using the stipend provided to you.

Airbnb is there to cover you in either scenario, helping you find great short- and long-term housing at affordable prices. 

AirBnB provides listings for entire homes available for rent, rooms available in private homes, or even spaces in boutique hotels.

7. Geocaching

Make your new travel healthcare adventure even more adventurous by jumping into geocaching. The Geocaching app relies on your GPS, so it can work wherever you go. 

The program leads you to small treasures that are buried or hidden at local landmarks or mundane locations. Geocaching is equal parts treasure hunt and (mostly) outdoors exploring. 

8. TripIt

So many different details go into travel — where you need to arrive when you need to get there and all the logistics before, between, and after. 

No matter what apps, sites, or agencies you use to create your travel plans, all you need to do is forward your confirmation emails to TripIt, and this amazing app creates a comprehensive itinerary to keep track of your hotel, rental car, air travel, and even restaurant reservations. 

The base app is free to create the results of the developers' tout. You can also upgrade to inexpensively turn it into one of the best travel nursing apps that send you real-time updates while tracking all the rewards you earn through your assignments.

Fill your phone or tablet with fun travel programs that really function as the best nursing apps to heighten your experience in travel nursing while enhancing your enjoyment of the areas you visit. Then pick your next assignment, pack your bags and enjoy your adventure.

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