AMN Passport App Helps Travel Nurses to Streamline the Job Experience

AMN Healthcare travel nurses can take more control of their careers via the AMN Passport mobile app. The app, available since April 2020 in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, lets you quickly and easily find, book, and manage your travel assignments.

"AMN Passport helps streamline the entire process from securing an assignment all the way to being on assignment," said Molly Abner, Director of Recruitment. "It allows our nurses the ability to communicate with their recruiter, credentialing analyst, and payroll, all through a click on the app. AMN Passport is all about clinician experience and supporting the relationship between them and their recruiter."

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AMN Passport Helps Travel Nurses Thrive

The app provides a personal experience that's just an arm's length away. Once you create an account, users search for jobs, manage the onboardinProfile Management .pngg and credentialing process, and securely track time worked, pay, and benefits as soon as they post. Other features include:

AMN Passport Profile Management.png

  • Top job matches — Customize your preferences and find personalized top jobs picked just for you.
  • Streamlined credentialing — Know where you are in the credentialing process at any time. You can capture, upload, and send credentials and requirements right from the app.
  • Electronic signatures — Sign your contracts easily, quickly, and securely.
  • Helpful Resources — Get easy access to essential documents and links with the ability to sign and submit forms.
  • Credential Wallet — Store all your credentials in one location with reminders for expiring items.
  • Profile Management — View and edit your professional details (licenses, certifications, skills checklists, etc.) and manage your personal contact information all in one place.
  • Connect with your AMN Team — Click to call, text, or email your dedicated AMN team, assembled to support you at every step of the process.

"This app makes it easy to find a job based on my preferences and keeps me up to date on my credentials," said an app user. "All the resources I need I can find right in the app."

After thousands of clinicians have downloaded the app, one benefit is clear: the app is easy to use, with some travelers expressing their delight to use an app versus a desktop.

"I appreciate how easy it is to navigate," said Juyana Williams.

And traveler Christina Strunk said, "I love having everything at a fingertip."

Staying Organized

AMN Passport helps keep you organized through the credentialing process and lets you know at a glance where you stand.

You can track credentialing to-dos and check off a completed task in the Self-Serve Checklist section. You can also easily and quickly sign contracts electronically. And it's a breeze to find and review first day instructions and contract details, as that information is stored in one section of the app. And if you have questions, your AMN Support Team is only one tap away.

Another popular feature is Time and Pay. Travelers enjoy the convenience and ease of access to pay information. It used to take about a dozen clicks to get to paycheck information. Now it takes just a couple.

"AMN Healthcare is committed to providing the best possible experience for our clinicians, and that's why we will continuously improve AMN Passport so they can maximize the professional and personal experience of their assignments," said Landry Seedig, Group President and Chief Operating Officer, Nursing and Allied Solutions, at AMN Healthcare. "Nurses and allied health professionals can now go from accepting a contract to confirming their paycheck with complete confidence on a mobile device — and with convenience and seamless experience that nobody else can offer."

Read more about AMN Passport or download it now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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