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    Locum Tenens Managed Services, provides a better way to administer your temporary physician workforce. Based on AMN successful managed services model exclusively for healthcare organizations, you’ll gain access to a temporary physician workforce management solution that can deliver greater efficiency, simplicity and cost savings.

    This innovative program streamlines the procurement process and reduces your medical staffing vendor contacts to one; this can save significant staff time and resources for those healthcare organizations who are currently working with 10, 20 or even 30 or more locum tenen agencies. But changing to one point of contact does not affect access to top quality candidates.   

    Almost a quarter of a billion dollars in locum tenens revenue goes unclaimed each year. AMN Locum Tenens Revenue Cycle Management — the first ever of its kind — is designed to help recover those reimbursements.
    AMN Healthcare's locums revenue cycle management offering is a complete turnkey service designed to recover the cost of your temporary healthcare professionals. The service is fully customizable to your specific situation, ranging from workforce and managed service employees to temporary, travel, and locum tenens revenue cycle management workers. All payer sources are covered, including insurance providers and private payers, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.
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    AMN locum tenens revenue cycle management service covers credentialing, enrollment, coding, healthcare billing and collection services.

    AMN locum tenens revenue cycle management service is available via our locums revenue cycle management company, Staff Care. Read more about AMN:
    Locums revenue cycle management healthcare billing 
    Locum tenens managed services provider services locum tenens billing.

    The AMN Healthcare Physician Transition Management Services (TMS) provides a service offering that supports hospitals when transitioning the management structure of contracted departments such as Hospitalists, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia, Radiology, and others. Our solution enables clients to confidently execute operational plans to move to another outsourcing management company or bring management in-house, while AMN Healthcare coordinates and manages optimum physician coverage to maintain patient care and reimbursement levels.

    To support healthcare organizations through such transitions, AMN provides singular accountability for coordinating all staffing needs of that department through innovative technology, dedicated account management, and administrative support. AMN TMS program supports health systems of all sizes and can be configured and rapidly implemented at the individual facility level or system-wide. 

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