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Blog April 15, 2020

Why Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management Will Continue to Grow

Why Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management Will Continue to Grow


With healthcare facilities across the country aiming to keep costs low and productivity levels high, outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services continues to grow in popularity. Considering outsourced RCM services for your company can be a game-changer for how your facility operates at the ground level, allowing for increased efficiencies, a reduction in spending and more focus on patient care.


Main reasons why it’s beneficial to invest in outsourced Revenue Cycle Management


1. Increased revenue. Perhaps one of the most tangible benefits of outsourced RCM service is increased revenue. Through optimized efficiencies, enhanced documentation and more timely management of denials and appeals, outsourced RCM will result in less money and resources spent on administration. A streamlined RCM process will ultimately reduce stress among your staff, while creating an improved bottom line that will benefit the financial health of your entire organization.


2. Improved patient experience. With patient care at the forefront of most reputable healthcare facilities, outsourced RCM services can help to significantly improve patient care – and the patient experience with your organization at large. First, outsourcing this will free up your physicians to focus strictly on delivering high-quality patient care, rather than on having to handle burdensome administrative tasks. Second, working with a trusted third-party vendor to RCM will eliminate the likelihood of billing errors, ensuring that patients and their insurance companies are billed accurately for medical care received.


3. Data analysis. One of the most overlooked benefits of outsourced RCM is the generation of revenue management analytics through data analysis. With access to analytics through a RCM partner, your facility can consistently review its performance and take measures to realign activities and documentation of front-end physician practice managers and the back-end billing office. When assessing revenue cycle management activities, analytics are often very valuable in providing key insights, helping your team adjust processes by better streamlining operations and making better financial decisions.


As you explore the many benefits of outsourced RCM, it’s critical to have a reputable, trusted partner by your side. At AMN Healthcare, we’re committed to implementing the most efficient and advanced revenue cycle management process for our clients.


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