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Can I take time off between assignments?

Yes! When you become a contract travel nurse, you are able to take time off between your assignment. To remain eligible for benefits provided by AMN Healthcare, you must begin your next assignment within 25 days of your last assignment. For further information, please contact your recruiter

What happens after I complete my assignment?

After completing an assignment, you have the freedom to accept another assignment, or stop! It is entirely up to you. 

Who do I contact if I have a clinical question while I am on assignment?

Please reach out to your facility leader. In addition, the AMN Healthcare clinical team is available 24/7 to support you.

How long will it take to start an assignment after I complete an application?

Many assignments require an urgent response time, therefore, AMN Healthcare travelers usually start their first assignment within 7-14 days after completing their application.

How does the credentialing process work?

We have dedicated credentialing analysts ready to support you. The faster you complete your documents, the faster to your dream job! AMN Healthcare follows all client, state, and federal requirements for credentialing.

What are the state licensing requirements for my assignment?

Your recruiter will advise you on the specific requirements for the state in which you have chosen to take an assignment. For more information, visit our state licensing section.

What is a compact state?

States that are partaking in the Nurse Licensure Compact are 'The Compact States'. Nurses who hold a license in a compact state can practice in other partaking states. For more information, visit our Compact State Licensure Guide

How do I choose a nursing assignment?

Once we have reviewed your application, you and your recruiter will discuss your assignment expectations, career goals, and desired location to find the assignment that best matches your situation. You will then be presented with available assignments, including details on the pay rate, facility, unit, shifts, location and bonuses.

Does AMN Healthcare offer a referral program?

We would love to meet your friends and family! Click here for a full breakdown of the AMN Healthcare Referral Program.

Salaries and Benefits
Does AMN Healthcare offer Employee Assistance Program to clinicians?

We offer confidential counseling, financial planning services, work-life balance, education benefits, pet, and elder care, and more! Click here to see the full range of benefits.

Does AMN Healthcare offer other education benefits?

The Learning Center at AMN is the online continuing nursing education (CNE) platform of AMN Healthcare is The Learning Center at AMN is dedicated to providing the nursing community with the highest quality, fully accredited continuing education online. Most professional nursing certification organizations (e.g. CCRN, CEN) also accept The Learning Center at AMN courses for their continuing education (CE) re-certification requirements.

What are the perks of becoming an AMN Healthcare traveler?

AMN Healthcare offers competitive health benefits, 401K matching, life and disability insurance among other supplemental insurance to all travelers and their families. AMN Healthcare also offers travel discounts, credentialing assistance, and 24/7 clinical support to each traveler. Discover more information about our benefits. 

How Do I Submit My Timesheet?

With our mobile application, AMN Passport, healthcare professionals have a fast and simplified way to submit their timesheets on their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

When And How Will I Be Paid?

As an AMN traveler, you will be paid weekly or bi-weekly based on your contract. We provide payment by direct deposit into your bank account, or by overnight mail based on your preference.

Does AMN Healthcare offer holiday pay?

Dates and shifts for holiday pay are determined by your facility assignment and may differ from those recognized by the facility for their own permanent staff.

Does AMN Healthcare offer professional liability insurance coverage?

While on an assignment, the Company provides you with professional liability insurance coverage with a $2 million dollar limit, paid for by the Company. There is no application to complete, and coverage is effective for you on the first day of your assignment. Learn more about AMN beneifits.

Where will I live while on assignment?

When you accept one of our high-pay travel nursing jobs, you'll be provided with free, private, quality housing that's fully furnished and close to your assignment facility. And, if you provide your own accommodations, we'll reimburse you with a generous housing allowance. Talk to your recruiter for further details.

What if I choose my own housing?

If you choose to find housing yourself, you will receive a housing stipend. The stipend will vary based on the market in the location of your assignment.

Will You Provide Accommodation If I Travel With My Spouse And/Or Children?

"If you are traveling with a travel partner, spouse, significant other and/or a child/children, you must inform your Recruiter as soon as possible so the Company may find appropriate lodging and give authorization to the property for these companions to reside in your unit. Not informing the property of other occupants may result in eviction. Most of our properties require all tenants 18 years and older to complete a criminal background check application. Please be aware that you and your travel partners would be subject to the results of this application.

Many states have ""Two Hearts Beat"" laws limiting residents to two people per bedroom. Be sure you let your Recruiter know your needs. If non-standard housing is required, a co-payment may be necessary to cover the additional costs of housing multiple people. If you are traveling with children, it is your responsibility to arrange for and ensure appropriate child care and/or supervision for any children residing in Company housing. If children are, inappropriately, left alone in the unit, the property may have grounds to evict."

Can I travel with my pet(s)?

Yes. Most of our housing accommodations allow travelers to keep pets. Many, but not all, housing complexes allow animals and most have breed and/or size restrictions. A non-refundable pet fee is charged for one or more pets going on assignment with you. This fee will be divided between your first 2-3 paychecks. You will be emailed about these deductions. Pet rent is charged to you based on the hotel or property's rent policy. This deduction will be prorated and taken from paychecks throughout the assignment. Occasionally, non-standard housing is necessary to house pets, which could result in a co-pay. You are responsible to cover any damages or excessive cleaning above and beyond standard cleaning to the unit.

Will I Receive A Housing Subsidy If I Stay With Friends Or Family?

Yes. If you choose to secure your own housing accommodations for your travel nursing assignment, we will still provide you with a monthly housing subsidy. This housing subsidy varies depending on the assignment and the location. To find out specific subsidy amounts, please contact your recruiter. For more details, please visit our housing section.

Travel Nursing Basics
How Do I Become A Travel Nurse With AMN Healthcare?

To get started as an AMN traveler, your first step is to complete an online application. Once you apply, our expert recruiters will contact you to discuss assignments that match your particular skills and help you complete your skills checklists and references. Learn more how to become a travel nurse.

What is a travel nurse?

A travel nurse is a registered nurse who works on a temporary basis, typically for about 13 weeks, in various healthcare facilities across different regions or states. These nurses possess the same qualifications and skills as their stationary counterparts but have the flexibility to move around to areas experiencing nursing shortages or during times of increased demand. Travel nurses often enjoy a wide range of benefits, including higher pay rates, housing allowances, and the opportunity to explore new places while fulfilling their passion for healthcare. They play a crucial role in filling staffing gaps, ensuring that patients receive quality care wherever it's needed most.

Are travel nursing assignments full-time or part-time?

All of our assignments are for full-time, 36- or 48-hour work weeks. And if you’d like more hours, many assignments also offer the opportunity to work overtime.

Can I work as a travel nurse in my hometown?

Yes! We have plenty of local "travel" opportunities. With our local travel program, you can still enjoy all the benefits of travel nursing, without leaving your family or the comforts of your home. It's a great way to balance your home life with a flexible and rewarding career. Talk to one of our recruiters today to find the right position in your area.

How long are travel assignments?

Typically, travel nurse assignments range from 8 to 13 weeks. However, details are often flexible, and shorter or longer assignments may be offered to meet your specific needs. AMN travel nurses frequently have the option to extend assignments, too.

Per Diem Nursing Basics
What is a Per Diem Nurse?

A per diem nurse is a registered nurse who works on an as-needed basis, typically filling in for regular staff shortages or providing additional support during busy periods. Unlike full-time or part-time nurses, per diem nurses have flexible schedules and may work on short notice or on specific days requested by the healthcare facility. They often have the freedom to choose when and where they want to work, allowing for greater autonomy and variety in their assignments. Per diem nurses are commonly employed in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings, providing essential care while offering flexibility for both themselves and their employers.

Why Work Per Diem?

Per diem allows you to work on your own terms while earning competitive compensation. As a  “gig” healthcare worker, you'll have the opportunity to earn great pay, enjoy an excellent work-life balance, gain valuable experience, and explore new places. There has never been a better time to get started with AMN Healthcare!

Where do I find my schedule?

You will work in partnership with your recruiter, and the facility will work together to create a schedule that fits your availability.

What is the minimum amount of experience I need to work?

Requirements are based on specialty and health system. Please contact your recruiter for details specific to your area of expertise.

Can I work at more than one facility?

Yes! The beauty of this flexible way of working is that you can grow your resume at multiple locations to maximize your career growth

I want to work at a certain facility. Is that possible?

We work with many healthcare providers, including a large amount of exclusive health systems. We are excited to help you build your resume.

Strike Nursing Basics
What is a strike nursing?

Strike nursing refers to a situation where nurses, are hired to fill in for regular nurses who are participating in a strike. During a labor strike, nurses may walk off the job as part of a labor dispute with their employer. Strike nursing allows healthcare facilities to maintain operations and provide necessary care to patients despite the absence of their regular nursing staff. Strike nurses are often contracted for short-term assignments until the labor dispute is resolved and regular nursing staff return to work.




How long is a typical nurse strike assignment?

There is no standard duration for a strike assignment. It could be one day, five days or even an indefinite timeframe. Flexibility and patience are important traits for anyone who is interested in strike staffing.

What can I expect during a strike?

During a strike or labor disruption, the hospital is desperate for help to continue patient care. Flexibility is the key to success. Strike healthcare professionals can often be expected to work up to five or six 12-hour shifts in a week. It is unlikely you will be able to request certain shifts, as the goal is for healthcare professionals to fill in where needed.

Supporting strikes can be quite tense. It is important to remember that while you may have a great deal of empathy for your fellow healthcare professionals as you cross the picket line, strike healthcare professionals have a responsibility to the patients inside, and their need for care doesn’t stop due to labor disputes.

How do I apply for a strike nurse job?

Browse and apply for upcoming strike assignments now in AMN Passport. Be sure to add “Strike” as a job preference when searching.

How much do strike nurses get paid? Are there other perks?


AMN Healthcare consistently meets or exceeds the rates paid by other strike nursing agencies. The pay for specialties will vary based on the hospital and geographical area. Depending on the specialty, an assignment could pay the highest in the industry. As we place healthcare professionals based on need and demand, you will be paid based on the specialty you are scheduled to work in and not the highest specialty you are qualified for.

Other perks of strike nursing include roundtrip transportation to and from the assignment destination and housing accommodations as well as daily per diems while on assignment.

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