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How long are contract nursing assignments?

AMN Healthcare travelers can expect shorter assignments that range from 3-13 weeks, with the average being 8 weeks.

Can I take time off between assignments?

Yes! When you become a contract travel nurse, you are able to take time off between your assignment. To remain eligible for benefits provided by AMN Healthcare, you must begin your next assignment within 25 days of your last assignment. For further information, please contact your recruiter

What happens after I complete my assignment?

After completing an assignment, you have the freedom to accept another assignment, or stop! It is entirely up to you. 

How long will it take to start an assignment after I complete an application?

Many assignments require an urgent response time, therefore, AMN Healthcare travelers usually start their first assignment within 7-14 days after completing their application.

Are there any fees with your services?

There are never any fees associated with our services. 

Is the contract guaranteed?

AMN Healthcare travelers rely on a guaranteed work week with all assignments.

Contract Nursing Basics
What is a contract travel nurse?

A contract travel nurse is likely an RN that performs the same duties as a traditional nurse but fills in for nursing shortages in hospitals or healthcare facilities for a contracted period of time. AMN Healthcare specializes in project-based assignments, such as EMR Conversionsnatural disasters, new unit/wing openings, unexpected leave of absences by perm staff, and vaccine or flu clinics.

What is a compact state?

States that are partaking in the Nurse Licensure Compact are 'The Compact States'. Nurses who hold a license in a compact state can practice in other partaking states. For more information, visit our State Licensure Guide

Can I obtain a contract assignment in my own state?

Yes! We have many local assignment opportunities that allow you to remain in your own home. Contact a recruiter today for more information!

What are the requirements to become a contract nurse?

Requirements are generally determined by the facility in which you choose to take an assignment. However, your recruiter will ensure you are qualified for the position before the interview process begins. To speak with a recruiter about a position, apply now.

How do I get a travel nursing license?

If you need a license for a particular state, do not worry. We offer licensure assistance. Furthermore, if you need to renew your license contact our recruitment team today. 

Where will I live while on assignment?

When you accept one of our high-pay travel nursing jobs, you'll be provided with free, private, quality housing that's fully furnished and close to your assignment facility. And, if you provide your own accommodations, we'll reimburse you with a generous housing allowance. Talk to your recruiter for further details.

What if I choose my own housing?

If you choose to find housing yourself, you will receive a housing stipend. The stipend will vary based on the market in the location of your assignment.

Can I travel with my pet(s)?

Yes, you can travel with your pet. Your recruiter can help you find accommodations that allow pets.

Salaries and Benefits
How much do crisis nurses make?

Critical nurses can max out their earning potential when working on project-based contracts. Oftentimes, critical nurses are needed urgently which usually increases the pay rates. AMN Healthcare nurses are guaranteed hours by working short-term assignments, receive travel reimbursements, and are able to earn bonuses for referring their colleagues. For more information about pay, please contact your recruiter

What are the perks of becoming an AMN Healthcare traveler?

AMN Healthcare offers competitive health benefits, 401K matching, life and disability insurance among other supplemental insurance to all travelers and their families. AMN Healthcare also offers travel discounts, credentialing assistance, and 24/7 clinical support to each traveler. Discover more information about our benefits

Does AMN Healthcare offer clinical support?

Our knowledgeable clinical liaisons—all RNs with many years of experience in short-term travel nursing settings—are available to help you with any clinical question or concern, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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