Why Do You Need A Travel Nurse Recruiter?

For a travel nurse who works at several short-term positions throughout the year, a recruiter can be a great resource for finding employment without the stress of navigating the intricate maze of online job listings. From the initial consultation through to on-the-job advocacy, a good recruiter can guide you through the process of finding and successfully completing an assignment. Here are five ways you can benefit from working with a travel nurse recruiter.

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Why You Need a Travel Nurse Recruiter

  1. Save Time

Searching for assignments can be challenging, time-consuming and frustrating. As a busy professional, you probably don't have hours to spend sorting through hundreds of online job postings to find the one that's right for you. That's where a recruiter can help.

Recruiters can streamline the job-hunting process by presenting you with only the assignments they feel are a good fit based on your submission profile, which should include qualifications, work history, requirements and a wish list of desired locations and benefits. Once a position is secured, your recruiter can also make sure travel arrangements, housing and any other essentials are in place.

  1. Gain Industry Insight

For a travel nurse, searching for the next assignment can mean doing extensive research on potential employers, and information may be difficult or even impossible to find. A reputable, experienced recruiter should have the relevant expertise to be able to advise you on the pros and cons of major facilities and geographic locations around the country. They generally also have access to prime, unadvertised positions and insights that can be helpful in successful interviews and onboarding.

Your recruiter should also be able to answer questions you may have about potential employers, assignment benefits, state licensing requirements, relocation and the industry in general. For questions your recruiter can't respond to from his own bank of knowledge or his agency's, he should be able to leverage his sources to get you an answer in a reasonable amount of time.

  1. Get Inside Information

If you're looking for inside information about a facility, an experienced recruiter should be able to provide it. Feedback from former recruits can often shed light on the inner workings of a facility, including day-to-day working conditions, management styles and other information that can be helpful for a short-term employee to get up to speed quickly.

  1. Avoid Awkward Negotiations

Perhaps one of the most important things your recruiter can do for you, according to Forbes, is to ensure you get a fair salary for the position you're considering. Because salaries can vary widely from one region to another, it's important to start negotiations from a place of knowledge, which a good recruiter should be able to do.

  1. Receive Support When You Need It Most

Whether it's a conflict with a supervisor or a mismatch in expectations between employer and employee, unfortunately, sometimes travel nurses encounter problems, particularly when it comes to onboarding. Your recruiter can step in to help clear up misunderstandings or unfulfilled expectations about benefits, hours or job responsibilities.

Most recruiters are trained to handle these situations with diplomacy and professionalism, and their involvement can save you from potentially awkward conversations with your new supervisors and management team, keeping your ever-important working relationships intact.

Is Working With a Recruiter The Right Choice For You?

If you're still not sure whether working with a recruiter is the right choice for you, remember that it doesn't cost you anything to work with a recruiter. It's also important to understand that most recruiters only get paid if they fill a position with an employee who stays for a predetermined length of time. What that means for you is that your recruiter has a strong incentive to place you in a fulfilling, lucrative position for every assignment.

Ultimately, your recruiter is there to help and can serve as a career counselor, an interview coach, an on-the-job advocate, a problem-solver and a friend. While a recruiter can be a real game-changer when it comes to your career, make sure to choose the right recruiter. Connect with an experienced, reliable travel nurse recruiter through AMN Healthcare or start your assignment search using our comprehensive database of jobs.

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