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5 Ways Travel Nurses Make a Positive Impact on Hospitals

You became a nurse to help others. Your decision to become a travel nurse is no different. You want to be part of the solution to any number of problems the hospital, nurses, and patients felt at your next assignment.

But how exactly do travel nurses make a positive impact on hospitals? How do the benefits of travel nursing affect other nurses, the patients, and the hospital overall? Below are 5 ways travel nurses make a positive impact on hospitals and the patients they care for.

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5 Ways Travel Nurses Make A Positive Impact On Hospitals

1. Quality of Care

According to a report published by the American Nurses Association, the link between inadequate nurse staffing and negative patient outcomes is well established. 

Inadequate nurse staffing levels lead to higher falls, hospital readmissions, and patient mortality due to surgical complications.

Travel nurses benefit the patient. When hospitals use travel nurses as part of staffing needs, patients have a better quality of care.

2. Cost

Nurses make up the largest clinical population in hospitals. This equates to a large portion of operating dollars being used to pay nurse salaries. It is a common reaction during budget talks to suggest decreasing nurse hours and subsequent costs.

However, it’s been proven that maintaining appropriate nurse staffing levels is an essential step to optimizing the quality of care and patient outcomes. Several studies have shown that the modest use of travel nursing benefits the bottom line while optimizing patient outcomes.

3. Staffing Shortage

It seems to be common knowledge that there is a nursing shortage in the U.S. While some states and even specific areas, such as rural communities, maybe worse than other places, the shortage is nationwide.

Travel nurses are part of the solution to staffing shortages. One of the benefits of travel nursing is filling in the gap to access care during staff shortages. 

Hospitals also use travel nurses to fill shortages during maternity leave, sickness, epidemics, or hard-to-fill positions.

These short-term assignments can offer travel nursing benefits to you as well. When you are part of the solution, you are compensated for working during these times of need.

4. Improved Patient Satisfaction

As a seasoned travel nurse, you bring years of experience with you to every hospital you work. 

Having worked in various clinical settings throughout the country, you bring a unique perspective to each assignment.

You understand the importance of patient satisfaction to the hospital. Travel nurses thrive in busy environments and strive to deliver personalized patient care.

5. Fighting Nurse Burnout

Nurses who are happy with their job create better patient outcomes.

One of the many benefits of travel nursing is freedom and flexibility. As a travel nurse, you choose when you need an extended vacation or time away with friends and family. 

This autonomy and control over your career lead to job satisfaction, less nurse burnout, and more positive patient outcomes.

Being a travel nurse is part of many problems facing hospitals, nurses, and patients today. 

Want to explore the world of travel nursing? Browse thousands of travel nursing jobs at AMN Healthcare oday. 

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