Benefits of Becoming a Labor and Delivery (L&D) Travel Nurse

Childbirth, a remarkable yet challenging experience for women, is made smoother with the invaluable support of labor and delivery nurses. While local communities across the United States benefit from skilled professionals in this field, there are compelling reasons for experienced nurses to consider exploring travel opportunities in labor and delivery.

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Labor and Delivery Nurse Relishes Benefits of Travel Nursing

1. Explore New Places:

Embark on a journey of discovery by opting for labor and delivery contract nursing jobs. Whether it's the vibrant city life of Dallas, the scenic beauty of Seattle, the cultural richness of Denver, or the coastal charm of San Diego, diverse locations await your expertise. Contract nursing allows you to create a bucket list of destinations, with recruiters assisting in acquiring any necessary state licenses. Stay close to home or venture afar, exploring new horizons both professionally and personally.

2. Flexible Work Calendar:

Take control of your work-life balance by creating a personalized work calendar. With options ranging 13-week assignments, you have the flexibility to design your ideal schedule. Choose back-to-back assignments, stagger assignments with leisure breaks, or enjoy downtime for personal rejuvenation – the choice is yours with labor and delivery contract nurse jobs.

3. Financial Benefits:

Prioritize your financial well-being with contract nursing, a pathway to building a robust nest egg. AMN offers competitive pay, with labor and delivery nursing jobs providing opportunities to earn up to $2,800 per week, alongside bonuses such as the My Time Bonus for extra hours and the Refer an RN Friend program. Seize the chance to boost your financial stability while pursuing your passion.

4. Free Housing and Additional Benefits:

In addition to a fulfilling career and financial gains, AMN Healthcare provides additional perks to enhance your travel nursing experience. Enjoy the benefit of free housing, eliminating the need for rent payments during assignments. Opt for corporate-sponsored housing or choose a monthly housing stipend to find your own accommodation. AMN also extends insurance coverage, including life, liability, and health insurance, along with a 401K plan. Access free continuing education opportunities through, ensuring you stay at the forefront of your field. With a dedicated team of clinical liaisons, you'll receive ongoing support for any clinical queries or concerns.

5. Professional Growth and Networking:

Labor and delivery contract nursing jobs not only offer a chance to refine clinical skills but also facilitate professional growth. Work in diverse settings, learn best practices, and contribute your knowledge to benefit patients. Engage in valuable professional networking with each assignment, establishing connections that offer clinical advice, mentorship, and potential assistance in future job searches. Forge lasting friendships with colleagues during your travel experiences.


Experience the fulfillment of a rewarding career, financial stability, and personal growth by considering labor and delivery contract nursing jobs with NurseChoice. With opportunities spanning the U.S., take the next step in your nursing journey by connecting with an AMN Healthcare recruiter today. Explore new horizons and make a lasting impact on both your career and the lives of those you serve.

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