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5 Benefits of Travel Nursing After Retirement

Nurses, by nature, are hard workers. Over the years, you’ve probably built up a stamina for multi-tasking, running around, solving problems and putting out fires, that would make a marathon runner feel tired.

Lately, you may have started dreaming about all of the things you’re going to do after you retire: visit the grandchildren more, plant that garden you’ve always talked about or travel across the country. Problem is, when you really think about it, those things cost money and maybe you don’t have enough to really retire in the style you’d like. And while it may all sound like fun and games for a while, you’re still a busy nurse at heart and when suddenly stripped of your sense of purpose, chance are, you’ll get bored. Really bored.

That’s why travel nursing is such an ideal option for retired RNs. Travel nursing offers all of the benefits of working (and more!) without the long-term commitment of being a staff nurse. At AMN Healthcare, we believe travel nursing is the perfect solution for retiring RNs. Here’s why: 

Flexibility & Great Pay

As a nurse, it’s nice to set your own schedule, right? O.K., maybe not. You work when they need you and where they need you. But as a travel nurse, you choose your assignments. Want a 4-week assignment in Ohio to spend time with the grandkids? An 8-week assignment in Oregon to see if it’s a place you’d like to relocate to? Or a 13-week assignment in California just to soak up the summer sun. It’s your choice! You tell us where you want to go and we’ll take you there. Even better, you can expect to earn between $35 to $44 per hour along with bonuses and incentives. Every day will feel like a well-paid vacation.


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Free Housing

When was the last time you went on vacation for free? Imagine traveling anywhere in the country you want to for free. As a travel nurse, you’ll receive free, private quality housing for you and your other half (be it a significant other or a pet!). The housing will be close to your assignment, and everything will be taken care of for you. No deposits, no rent - you just show up to your furnished accommodation and enjoy.  

Medical and Dental Benefits

Probably one of the most valuable benefits of travel nursing is the healthcare benefits. As a travel nurse, you’ll receive benefits from the first day of your assignment so you never have to worry about lack of coverage in your golden years. 

Travel Reimbursements

Not only do you get to travel anywhere in the country you want, but AMN Healthcare will pay for your travel costs. *You can take a road trip to your assignment and we’ll pay all of the costs. Need to fly? Paid for. Where else could you get that kind of deal? 

State Licensing Assistance

AMN Healthcare offers complete state licensing support for your assignments. Our credentialing team will make sure all of your documents are in order and we’ll even pay for your fees. And bonus, if you’re a permanent resident in a compact state, your current license is valid in other compact states. Getting to your assignment couldn’t be easier. 

Retirement doesn’t have to mark the end of the road for your career. Travel nursing provides the option to enjoy your retirement while doing what you love and earning great pay. Only with travel nursing, it’s all on your terms.

*Available for assignments of 8-weeks or more

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