Do Travel Nurses Receive Benefits?

Travel nursing may technically be a contract position, but the benefits that come with being a travel nurse are not something you see in other fields of today’s gig economy. Travel nurses have the best of both worlds: stability and adventure.

The stability aspect includes high pay rates, job security, and availability, and comprehensive benefits. On the other hand, travel nurses can work wherever they're licensed.

Travel nurses can warm up their winter with a travel assignment in Florida, then beat the heat by spending a summer in Oregon. With a housing stipend and a helpful relocation team, traveling across the country for a 13-week assignment is easy.

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What are the Benefits for Travel Nurses

Typically, only full-time employees enjoy the security that comes with full medical coverage and 401(k) plans. When nurses choose to travel using a travel nurse agency like AMN Healthcare, they gain access to these types of benefits and much more, such as housing and tuition discounts.

Travel nurse benefits at AMN Healthcare also include continuing education credits, assistance with licensing renewal, and access to a stellar app that puts the power of controlling your career and next assignment literally into the palm of your hand.


Travel nurses have access to a wide variety of benefits. At AMN Healthcare, we provide travel nurses with medical, dental, a 401(k) plan, and life insurance. Additional voluntary benefits are also available, such as short-term disability, critical illness, accident insurance, hospital indemnity, and legal services.

Medical Insurance

Travel nurse agencies know how valuable travel nurses are and the importance of their work with patients, which is why they provide comprehensive benefits. We provide several options to choose from for medical coverage, which includes Consumer Choice (HDHP) or Kaiser Consumer Choice, PPO, and a Preventative Plan, which is covered at 100%.

Dental Insurance

We offer two dental plans, part of voluntary coverage. The carriers are Aetna and Cigna and both plans offer the same services but at different reimbursement levels. In and out-of-network benefits are the same for both plans, but out-of-pocket costs will always be lower when you use in-network providers.

Vision Insurance

Another voluntary travel nurse insurance benefit is vision coverage. Vision coverage is offered through Vision Service Plan (VSP) and is an important part of a nurse's overall health and well-being. A comprehensive vision exam can not only correct your vision, but can also detect glaucoma, cataracts, and even more serious conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and high blood pressure.

Life Insurance

To protect nurses and their families, we offer a variety of life insurance options. Company-paid basic coverage is automatically provided, but nurses have the option to purchase supplemental coverage for more protection.

401(k) Plans

401(k) plans are employer-sponsored qualified retirement savings plans that allow people, in this case, travel nurses, to save for their retirement. The benefit of this plan is that you do not need to pay federal income taxes on the amount of income that you choose to put in the 401(k).

Housing for Travel Nurses

We have an entire team of housing specialists to work with each travel nurse to secure housing. Travel nurses who work with us are provided free, private, quality housing that is conveniently located near the health care facility.

Continuing Education

Travel nurses can earn free contact hours through our partner site,, a fully accredited, leading provider of continuing education for nurses.

Tuition Discounts

We offer tuition discounts with Aspen University Online, Drexel University, Georgetown University, Grand Canyon University, and Jacksonville University.

Nurse Licensing and Credentialing Assistance

It is imperative that travel nurses meet all compliance and licensing criteria before starting an assignment. We have a dedicated team of quality management specialists that help nurses with every aspect of credentialing and licensure requirements.

AMN Passport

Travel nurses can easily find, book, and manage their travel assignments using our app, AMN Passport. Not only can you browse and apply for open positions, but you can also submit your credentials directly through the app for approval and storage; plus, we remind you about expiring items. Additionally, you can gain peace of mind because you can review your time and pay details as soon as they are posted.

Are you a travel nurse interested in receiving comprehensive insurance and access to voluntary benefits? Apply from the link below to book your next assignment and start getting coverage.

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