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Travel Allied March 9, 2021

Understanding Your Allied Travel Contract

Once you have accepted your new assignment as an Allied Traveler, you’re almost there! The only thing between you and your onboarding is reviewing and signing your travel contract. Your travel contract consists of multiple sections detailing the various logistics of your assignment along with AMN company policies to abide by while working. To help you better understand what goes into your contract, we’ve outlined the process for you and provided a breakdown of important sections to note before you sign.

The Contract Process

Congratulations! You’ve got the job. Once you have been chosen for the position you applied for, your recruiter will reach out to you with a verbal job offer from your hiring facility. Next, your recruiter will send you an electronic hiring agreement to formally accept the position. You will then get an email with login credentials for AMN Passport—your employee portal as an AMN Traveler.

Your personal portal will contain all of the additional onboarding documents you need to sign, including your contract. Before you read through your contract, you should know a little more about what each section means for you and how it factors into your assignment. Read on to get the full breakdown:

Important Sections to Note


Included Information:

  • Minimum Required Hours
  • Number of Shifts
  • Guaranteed Hours (If Applicable)

The Hours section of your contract will outline the agreed-upon weekly time you will be on the job. Included in this section are the minimum required hours you will need to work per week, along with the corresponding number of shifts you will work. These numbers will apply to your average workweek and will only be changed if your facility calls you off or you take work off for a valid reason. If your agreement with AMN Healthcare and your hiring facility contains “Guaranteed Hours,” that will also be outlined in this section.



Included Information:

  • Hourly Rate
  • Holiday Pay

The Compensation Plan section in your contract outlines the pay rates you will earn while on assignment for the duration of your contract. Detailed in this section will be your taxable hourly rate—earned during normal shift hours each week—and your holiday pay rate, which is an increased amount earned when you work holiday shifts.


Included Information:

  • Meals & Incidentals
  • Lodging Stipend

The Per Diem and Stipends sections of your contract will break down the agreed-upon non-taxable stipends you will receive during your assignment. Your meals and incidentals per diem rate will be the daily amount you will be paid for use on food and other daily expenses you may have during the course of your assignment. Your lodging stipend will be a per diem amount paid to you based on calculated housing expenses. You will have the option to secure housing through AMN Healthcare or on your own and your stipend will vary based on your decision.  

REMEMBER: Your per diem will be proportionally reduced if you miss an allotted shift unless your absence is due to a documented facility call-off.


Included Information:

  • Mileage Reimbursement (If Applicable)
  • Travel Reimbursements (To & From Assignment)

The Reimbursements section of your contract will include any outlined non-taxable reimbursements for travel and mileage necessary for your assignment. Your travel reimbursement pertains specifically to any travel arrangements you need to make to get to and from your assignment—whether you need to book a flight or travel a long distance either way—and can be waived if deemed unnecessary. Mileage will be an agreed-upon amount per mile of necessary travel up to a set threshold.

REMEMBER: If you accept a contract extension, your travel/mileage reimbursement will be paid to you at the completion of your full assignment.


Included Information:

  • Insurance
  • 401k

The Benefits section of your contract includes any extra benefits you will receive from AMN Healthcare during your assignment. You will have the option to accept or waive health, dental, and vision insurance coverage from AMN Healthcare, along with retirement options like a 401k. Whatever your decision on benefits coverage, the details will be highlighted here.

Hopefully, this breakdown has given you further insight into what goes into your Allied travel contract. If you have questions or concerns while reading it over, make sure to reach out to your recruiter—they will be happy to answer!

Are you interested in pursuing a travel assignment with AMN? Visit our website to explore our current job openings.

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