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Travel Updated November 29, 2023

By Sam MacKay

Top Travel Housing Tips for Allied Professionals

Once you begin your travel therapy journey by finding an agency and securing your first assignment, you’ll need to find a place to stay during your travels! To get you settled confidently and safely, we’ve enlisted the help of some current travelers who offered their perspectives on travel housing. Check out what they had to say:

Housing Tips from Allied Travelers

1. Post in Healthcare Traveler Facebook Groups

One of the best ways to get insider information about a new destination is by hearing it from other travelers working there. There is an abundance of Facebook groups dedicated to the travel therapy community, like the popular Travel Therapy Therapists—each community is a perfect place to ask questions, search for roommates, and seek general advice about the area where you are living.

2. Message Airbnb Hosts Directly About Pricing & Payment

Airbnb is an amazing resource for travel therapists seeking housing for their travel assignments. With furnished and unfurnished options nationwide, Airbnb allows you to find a new home that fits your unique needs while on assignment. Reaching out to hosts directly to explain the circumstances around your assignment will help you build relationships and even negotiate special pricing arrangements for your stay.

3. Utilize Furnished Finders

Another excellent housing platform that is popular with travel therapists is Furnished Finder. This platform is geared specifically for traveling professionals with flexible contracts and fully furnished offerings, taking away the need to haul any furniture to your next assignment. Furnished Finder is a perfect option for first-time travelers who want to focus more on their assignments and less on additional logistics.

4. Ask Your Agency to Connect You with Other Travelers

The beauty of working with a travel agency is that many offer housing resources for their travel therapists. Not only can your agency set you up with housing directly, but they can also connect you with other travelers headed to assignments in the same area. This gives you a leg up if you’re looking for a roommate and the opportunity to meet new people before you start working.

5. Visit the Area or Get an Airbnb to Get a Lay of the Land

If your next assignment is in a new place for you, it might be a good idea to do some research before you arrive. You can remotely research if you don’t have the time to visit but taking a weekend trip or staying in an Airbnb before you secure housing can allow you to explore local areas and inform your housing decision.

6. Make Sure to Get a Cancellation Notice Written into Your Policy

Wherever you decide to look for housing, you should do your due diligence regarding cancellation. Even if certain hosts or landlords are strict in their cancellation policies, having them write the details into your agreement will keep you current and protect you in the event of any sudden or unforeseen changes with your travel assignment.

7. Ask Your Co-Workers for Housing Leads

Sometimes job opportunities can present themselves quickly and short-term rentals for traveling professionals become scarce. If you fall into this situation, don’t worry! Your peers can be an incredible resource for finding the right place, so you aren’t rushing into something you aren’t comfortable with. As you get to know your coworkers, ask them about their housing situations, any potential leads they might have, and the places they like to go around the area.

8. Always be Cautious, No Matter the Platform You’re Using

No matter how you decide to pursue housing for your assignments, you should always remember one thing—be cautious! There are so many amazing platforms and people to give you the home you’ve been dreaming of, but it never hurts to add security to the process whenever possible. Never accept something or give your personal information sight unseen and if you are nervous about the process, sticking to reputable resources is the safest avenue.

Whether you follow all of these tips or just a few, remember that AMN Healthcare can support you with all things housing for each travel assignment you book. With options for pre-arranged housing, a generous housing stipend, and a dedicated support team, AMN Healthcare is in your corner wherever you go next.

Ready to turn your next house into a home? Learn more about our housing options or find your next dream destination!

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