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The Top Allied Health Blogs of 2022

From career tips and industry news to personal stories from our allied health travelers, AMN Healthcare’s Allied Blog is geared to inform, encourage and support you in your endeavors.  And as we near the end of another year, we’re taking a look back at the topics and resources that have resonated the most with allied health professionals.

So, what were the most popular allied health blogs of 2022?

In case you missed them, here are the year's top blog posts, including key information and inspiration for your life and career.

Our 7 Most-read Allied Health Blogs of the Year

Top Trends in Medical Imaging for 2022 

After a drop in demand for medical imaging during the pandemic, this past year saw some changes for healthcare providers and facilities alike. Employment trends were on the upswing for sonographers, CT techs, and more, with technology and labor demands shaping travel assignment opportunities. Get a quick review of the top trends for 2022 in this dynamic industry.

Advice from a Travel Respiratory Therapist

Are you considering short-term respiratory therapy jobs in a new location? Want to get the scoop from someone who’s been there? This behind-the-scenes look at travel assignments can help respiratory therapists know what to expect while providing some expert tips for those already traveling. Vanessa H., RT, shares her insights and advice, based on 30 years of experience in respiratory therapy, including 15 years spent working as an RT traveler.

How to Start Your Career as a Travel Sonographer   

Travel sonography offers many benefits, including the chance to explore different parts of the country, learn new skills, experience various specialties and settings, and receive competitive pay and benefits. In this blog, AMN Healthcare recruiters explain how travel jobs can enhance your career, share tips on how to prepare, and outline the process for taking your experience on the road.

5 Top Medical Laboratory Apps for 2022

Laboratory professionals need quality resources in the palm of their hands, to complete daily tasks, assess abnormalities, and help patients with a wide array of conditions. That’s where medical laboratory apps can help. But which ones are the most worth your time? Start with this list of multi-faceted apps that are designed to offer relevant and current information, and make your job easier.

PT Finds Second Career as Allied Health Recruiter

When your job is to recruit physical therapists (PTs) and other clinicians for allied health travel assignments across the country, there may be no better experience than being a PT yourself. And that’s exactly the case for Jessica A., PT, a AMN Healthcare recruiter with over 20 years of therapy experience. Find out how Jessica’s therapy career has prepared her to help others succeed on allied travel assignments.

10 Top Imaging Blogs to Follow in 2022

Want to stay up to date with the latest trends in your field? Check out this curated list of authoritative blog sources for radiologists, sonographers, and other imaging specialists.

Pediatric Cardiac Sonographer Traveling the World

Need some inspiration for your traveler lifestyle? Meet pediatric sonographer Alyce H., who has made optimal use of her flexible schedule to travel both domestically and internationally. She describes how her allied travel assignments have helped her grow both personally and professionally, including recently earning an award for her dedicated care and expertise. Come along to discover some of Alyce’s favorite places, and her secrets to success.

Looking for adventure in the coming year? AMN Healthcare has thousands of allied travel assignments across the U.S.  APPLY TODAY to start working with a recruiter.

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