The Top 5 Lab Apps for Clinicians


Understanding the significance of normal and abnormal values can be intimidating, particularly since the number of conditions for which physicians can send tests seems to be constantly expanding.

Even under the best conditions, it’s easy to become overwhelmed at thought of attempting to master this skill. Couple the responsibilities of daily tasks, a dizzying schedule and meeting multiple needs at all hours of the day and night, and the possibility for errors or misinterpretations rises exponentially.

Thankfully, there are a number of sophisticated mobile lab apps that are specifically designed to provide healthcare professionals with an accurate way of obtaining the information they need the instant they need it. The best lab apps are multi-functional, easy to use and contain accurate, relevant and up-to-date information and resources.

Check out our list of lap apps below, and then find a medical tech job that maximizes your skills and utilizes your knowledge of lab tests, their meanings and their applications.

The 5 Best Lab Apps For Medical Professionals

Thousands of impressive lab apps that offer strong informational and technical capabilities are available. We’ve picked five of the best lab apps for daily clinical use.

1. Lab Values Medical Reference App

This powerful app is like having three lab apps in one. It contains three medical reference tools, including lab reference values, thousands of medical abbreviations and hundreds of medical prefixes and suffixes.

Providers can easily navigate content, which is organized alphabetically and by category. Lab Values Medical Reference app is also completely editable, so users can create and store their own lab values and edit existing ones. You can even create your own categories.

This comprehensive app includes links to other important resources, including Clinlab Navigator, Lab Tests Online, Medline Plus and much more. It’s also iOS and Android compatible.

2. iLabsDDx App

Abnormal labs are a common issue in any medical practice, and understanding how to proceed from interpreting those labs to providing corrective treatment is a tough but valuable skill to master.

The iLabsDDx App is an advanced lab interpretation tool designed to help guide clinicians during every step of the process of abnormal labs management. This multi-functional, evidence based app offers differential diagnosis lists for common electrolyte abnormalities, acute complications of diabetes, acid-base disorders, acute kidney injury and blood gas analysis.

The app includes useful charts, tutorials, references and treatment suggestions for each abnormality making it an indispensable quick reference point of care tool. It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

3. Pocket Lab Values

One of the most comprehensive reference lab apps of its kind, the Pocket Lab Values app contains in-depth information for over 320 common normal and abnormal lab values for a broad range of medical conditions.

This popular lab app is a powerful tool that makes looking up some vital clinical data and important medical information quick and easy. It offers critical high and low differentials lab values in both SI and US units, differential diagnoses and links to relevant websites for each lab.

It also has the ability to keep track of variables such as tube colors and other reference values that may vary from hospital to hospital. You can edit these values to match your specific institution, and a handy notes feature lets you record and store notes and additional information as needed on either iOS or Android devices.

4. LabGear

This award winning lab reference app is one of the best lab apps for medical lab tests, because it includes peer reviewed content for all medical professionals. It contains a comprehensive library of over 300 medical lab tests for every body system with descriptions, differential diagnoses, presenting symptoms and other critical information.

It also features fishbone diagrams for a multitude of preset testing panels. Test searches include clear explanations of that test’s purpose, further explanations for high and low lab values and details on associated symptoms.

The app also contains a section for drug dosages for dozens of the most frequently used inpatient medications. Registered users can bookmark pages, add notes and follow links to other valuable online resources. LabGear is iOS and Android compatible.

5. MDCalc Medical Calculator

Every healthcare provider needs a good, easy to use dedicated medical calculator. While there are numerous medical calculator apps to choose from, the MDCalc Medical Calculator app stands out as a pocket tool that is capable of much more than calculating scores.

Recognized for its emphasis on evidence-based medicine and medical decision rules, this app includes brief studies with respect to the calculators, their authors and links. It also offers pearls and pitfalls, next steps and expert commentary.

Access to more than 270 easy to use clinical decision making tools, including risk scores, equations, formulas and classifications afford providers of any specialty the tools to determine the severity or likelihood of certain diseases. The quick access features from the home screen makes this lab app ideal for busy clinicians, who can use it on either iOS or Android devices.

Lab tests are a vital part of medical care, and there’s simply too much information and too little time to try to recall and then process that information by hand. Lab apps offer quick, convenient guides to common and not-so-common medical tests and evidence-based studies.

The most beneficial lab apps provide relevant, up-to-date information on reference values and interpretation, causes for abnormal values and laboratory unit conversions. While mobile lab apps can’t replace clinical judgment or patient interaction, they can be practical and helpful in supporting clinical decision-making at the point of care.

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