Travel Allied September 28, 2022

By Sam MacKay

3 Reasons to Consider a Career in Travel Sonography

Similar to a sonographer’s role, life tends to be dynamic—from the experiences we have, the decisions we make, and the changes that occur each day. As a sonographer, have you ever considered a career path that can offer dynamic growth and development and support your dynamic personal life experiences? If so, travel sonography might be the perfect next step in your healthcare career.

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What can a travel sonography job offer you?

To give you a better idea of how allied travel compares to a permanent position, we’ve outlined some of the main benefits that travel can bring to both your personal and professional life—namely, the autonomy it provides you in forging your own path.

1. Earn excellent compensation and benefits

Working as a traveler will grant you higher earning potential than in most permanent positions—combining competitive pay packages with the support and benefits of a permanent position. When you start your new travel sonography assignment, you’ll automatically have access to:

  • Medical, dental, life, and professional liability insurance coverage
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan
  • Licensure and travel reimbursement
  • A dedicated clinical support staff

Additionally, you will have resources to support you as you transition to living in a new location. You can choose whether you want to live in pre-arranged (furnished) housing or receive a housing stipend if you prefer to find your own accommodations—need help along the way? Housing, payroll, and career specialists are ready to help.

2. Gain valuable experience across settings and specialties

Working with a travel staffing agency like AMN Healthcare opens the door to a wide array of possibilities for your sonography career. With a vast pool of health systems, exclusive facilities, and specialty clinics in all fifty states, we provide you the freedom to forge your own path and develop your skillset with each new assignment.

You’ll have the power to determine which settings and specialties suit your interests and goals as you help patients in need. If you find a setting, facility, or location that isn’t a fit, your recruiter will work directly with you to find the perfect match for your next assignment. Since many travel assignments are short-term, you can let your curiosity roam free or stick to what you know best as you gain valuable career experience along the way.

3. Enjoy personal and professional flexibility

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working as a traveling sonographer is the flexibility it provides, both personally and professionally. Combining job opportunities in all settings across the country with short-term and long-term assignment options, a travel career allows you to work on your terms. You can choose to work in a new, exciting location with every assignment, or find your dream destination to settle in.

This freedom gives you the unique chance to explore the country—trying new foods, seeing new sites, hiking, biking, swimming, or relaxing to your heart’s content. You should have the ability to weigh your personal and professional interests equally and travel allows you to strike an ideal work-life balance while you strive for success in your sonography career.

These are just a few of the ways that travel sonography will put you firmly in the driver’s seat of your healthcare career and personal life. Interested in getting started on your new travel sonography career? Apply with AMN Healthcare today!

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