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Radiology Travel Jobs/Salary: Why Traveling is a Great Option

Hospitals, outpatient centers and imaging labs across the country rely on radiology technologists to provide services to an ever-growing number of patients requiring X-rays, CAT scans and other diagnostic imaging procedures.

Medical facilities lacking permanent staff for radiology jobs depend on travel radiologic technologists to fill the gaps. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists reports that radiology technologists make up the third largest group of healthcare professionals, which is only surpassed by physicians and nurses.

While you may be very passionate about your radiology career, you probably still have the desire to earn a good living. Radiology workers earn an above-average salary but travel radiologic technologists often earn even more.
Radiology jobs are on the rise

Primarily, radiology technologists create images of patients' bodies using a variety of medical equipment, depending on your specialty, which helps doctors diagnose and treat injuries and diseases. No matter your specialty, you're a vital part of the medical team and your skills are in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of radiologic technologists is projected to jump 12 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is faster than the average.

How much do radiology technologists earn?

Healthcare occupations are projected to add more jobs than any other occupational group, so says the BLS. This is due in large part to an aging population that will place an even greater demand on health care services, including the need for a variety of radiologic imaging.

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The growing need for medical professionals in this field means radiology technologist salaries in 2019 are expected to continue growing. To explore this point, consider the reported median annual salary of $59,520 in May 2018, which was up from $58,440 in May 2017.

Accelerate your career growth and your annual earnings with travel allied health care jobs for radiology technologists with Club Staffing.

How does this compare to travel radiologic technologists?

Traveling radiologic technologists often earn an even better salary than those working in permanent positions because they're placed in locations with a higher demand for experienced professionals in this field. Although pay varies by location and assignment, travel radiology technologists can expect to earn between $30 and $35 per hour.

Compare this to the median hourly wage of $28.62 earned by other radiologists and you'll notice the increased earning potential. Top this with potential bonuses for contract completion and referrals and you increase your total earnings even more. Best of all, you get to keep more of your paycheck because travel assignments include free housing, which usually takes a huge bite out of your income.

Why choose travel radiology jobs?

As previously pointed out, the strong demand for radiology technologists is only expected to grow, but not all areas of the country are created equal. Some cities or even entire states have the same level of employment opportunity as others.

This is one area where travel radiology jobs can benefit you the most. If radiology jobs are difficult to find in your area, traveling to a place with better opportunities is simple when you're a traveling allied health professional. Taking the leap as a traveling radiology technologist opens new career opportunities, especially when you're working for an organization that's well-connected with medical facilities around the country.

Besides the potential for new opportunities and higher earnings, allied travel jobs enhance your resume, making you a more desirable job candidate in your future endeavors. Travel jobs in radiology can also help accelerate your career growth by providing opportunities to gain valuable experience and additional education using different technologies and working with a wide variety of colleagues and patient populations.

Radiologists who travel also gain confidence in their ability to tackle all sorts of new challenges, and your ability to adapt and learn new things makes you an extremely noteworthy job applicant.

Allied travel jobs offer many benefits you don't always get in a permanent position. Besides the potential for making more money, you can also grow your skills, boost your resume and fulfill career goals, and all while seeing the country and making new friends.

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