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MSP Blog May 12, 2022

The Recruiter Advantage

An Insider’s Look at AMN Healthcare Recruiting

Many healthcare organizations have come to appreciate the flexible workforce solutions offered by healthcare staffing agencies. But have you ever wondered how healthcare recruiters at these agencies match clinical professionals with your organization’s needs?  Or, once you put in a staffing request, how you can be sure that the travel nurse, allied health professional or physician the company sends your way will be the right fit?

In order to answer these questions at AMN Healthcare, you would actually have to go back in time, because the recruitment process starts long before your initial request or contact with an account manager, according to Rob Nivala, Director of Recruiting for AMN Healthcare’s allied staffing division.

Generating Qualified Leads for Clinical Positions

“When we get a staffing order, we already have a pool of highly qualified talent who we have worked with, so we have clinicians who have been previously successful on assignment with us,” Rob explained.

“We also work to keep a healthy pipeline of new candidates for all disciplines. Our teams are constantly sourcing talent and if a job is particularly desirable or there is a high need, we have extensive advertising resources we can use. In essence, we pull all levers for that client and get as many leads as possible.”

The recruitment team also works to fully vet each candidate and ensure that their skills and experience are up to the job before ever introducing them to a client facility.

The Role of Recruitment Technology

The latest technology is used to streamline the healthcare recruiting process, but the human aspect is the linchpin to AMN Healthcare’s record of successful placements, according to Rob.

“Our recruiters are daily reaching out and building relationships,” he explained. “A technology platform may lead to that first conversation, but it’s the people who help support the candidates and oversee all the details for their assignment that make all the difference. They have the playbook for how to find the best clinicians and ensure they can perform at their best.”

“AMN Healthcare is recognized as the leader in innovative staffing technology, including our vendor management systems, credentialing platform, and staffing software solutions, but we never lose sight of the fact that healthcare staffing is a people business.”

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One technology solution that supports the recruiting process for nurses and allied health professionals is the AMN Healthcare Passport mobile app, Rob noted.

“It posts jobs and allows easier communication with clinicians, serving as another tool to help sell positions with your facility.” Clinicians can mark their interest—including what states or settings they would prefer to work—and the app will help match them with those opportunities as an initial step. Any matches will be reviewed and discussed with the recruitment team. The app also helps to connect travelers with any personal support they need, from their recruiter to the credentialing department, licensing specialists and the payroll team.

“The Passport app gives them the best and first place to go for a lot of the process. It was built for ease of use, creating a one-stop shop to find support before and during their assignment,” he explained.

“Yet, despite all the technology, voice calls are still our No. 1 communication tool. Talking and that personal connection is the best way to get a lot of work done, help clinicians find the right job, and help them be prepared for success.”

Supporting Clinicians Helps Facilities Realize Better Outcomes

What do travel nurses, occupational therapists or internists need to be successful on assignment? In addition to experience in their specialty, these practitioners need to be fully supported and empowered to do their jobs without distractions or unnecessary stress.

“We want to take away the stress of healthcare travel and of going someplace new and let practitioners focus on the clinical work and the facility’s needs. They can be confident and do the job, without worrying about stuff that might distract their attention,” Rob explained.

“This is especially true for new travelers. First-time travelers may have five years of experience but don’t know what to expect on a travel assignment. Even if traveling solo, we can assure them that they are not going to be alone. They will have a recruiter and an experienced team of specialists to support them.” Their recruiter will also work to ensure a good match of a candidate’s skills and priorities with that of the healthcare facility—for the benefit of all parties.

“We don’t just want to find a clinician to send to a hospital; we want to send the RIGHT one to that hospital. There may be a few ‘right’ ones, in fact, but by taking the time and making sure we are sending someone who is qualified and ready for that position, we lower the likelihood of a cancelation and someone realizing ‘This isn’t for me.’ The human touch helps in the qualification process.”

Industry Expertise and the Personal Touch

“AMN Healthcare has the largest existing talent pool across healthcare disciplines, and is recognized as the leader of the pack in terms of temporary staffing and permanent placement. We have access to one of the deepest talent pools, including lots of new and experienced clinicians we can supply,” Rob said.

“Our internal staff is also extremely talented, and many have been on the job for a number of years. You’ll find several leaders and recruiters at AMN Healthcare with 20-plus years of experience.” These experienced staff are continually investing in new recruiters, as well, and sharing their expertise.

“Our recruiters love working with people; we build real relationships with clients and candidates. This industry can be very transactional at times, but clinicians don’t want to feel like they are a number,” Rob continued. “Whenever possible, you will see a recruiter taking a clinician out to lunch when they are in town, or meeting with them at events. It is a real, true, personal connection.” And these personal connections help build loyalty and continually strengthen AMN Healthcare’s talent base.

“Again, this is a people-led business, and we know that the more we ensure that clinicians are cared for, the more they are enabled to deliver the best in patient care.”

A Dedication to Training and Preparation

“Training is woven into the job of every recruiter here,” Rob said. “New healthcare recruiters will typically undergo around a month of training, including dedicated in-seat time with some supervision when they start working with clinicians. Over their first two years, they will continue to have regular training meetings and receive consistent coaching and support from a dedicated training team.”

“Once through this initial training, all team members, including recruiters, receive constant updates. We do this to ensure that no one misses a change, to keep our skills fresh, and to be sure that we are always providing the most up-to-date information to our clinicians regarding licensing, regulatory changes, the current job market, etc.”

“Like other managers, I also meet weekly with each recruiter on my team and keep abreast of our candidate pipeline to ensure we can meet demand. We do market research and forecasting, tracking any shifts in demand. This field is always changing, and we want to reinforce what the training team is doing and provide specific feedback that can help each recruiter continue to learn and grow.”

Ensuring Clients Get a Quality Candidate and a Good ‘Fit’

“Our recruiters’ main focus is to attract talent, of course, but we have to focus on high quality talent,” Rob emphasized. “Even before credentialing, AMN Healthcare recruiters are vetting these candidates to be sure they are excellent at what they do. They go through a preliminary interview with every candidate.”

“The process also has oversight, including a clinical expert who will review that person’s experience to be sure they are fully qualified.” AMN Healthcare has a dedicated and diverse clinical leadership team, most of whom have advanced degrees. Among other areas, the team assesses the candidate’s level of knowledge on specific procedures to determine if they can function independently or need more support and supervision.

“In many cases, a manager reviews the candidate as well, providing three layers of authentication that the person will meet the facility’s needs. All of this happens before we ever take the candidate to the facility level.” Each client’s needs are also weighed carefully before ever presenting a potential clinician.

“In everything we do, we want to build client confidence. No placement is ever a single transaction. We are always trying to build long-term relationships.”

“We know that if recruiters take care of our clinicians, patient care improves. It will also build loyalty, giving us a deeper talent pool to pull from. So we provide quality support when clinicians need it.  No matter how advanced our technology becomes, it will never replace our recruiters’ expertise and personal touch,” he concluded.

For more information on how our investments in our people and healthcare professionals can help your organization and the communities you serve, please email Client Services.

AMN Healthcare is the nation’s leader in healthcare staffing and workforce solutions. For information on how to address challenges in the changing healthcare landscape, read AMN Healthcare’s white paper, “Healthcare Talent: Now & Next.”

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