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    We're with you for the long haul  

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've been dedicated to helping healthcare organizations, businesses and state governments navigate through this health crisis. We're now playing a key role in assisting healthcare systems and governments across the country with their mass vaccination programs.

    But what's next?

    We want to help organizations of all types be better prepared for the future by capturing key learnings that will endure well beyond COVID. #PlanandPersevere is our way of providing resources, insights and strategies for near- and long-term health-related needs.

    On this page, you'll see advice from our leadership on moving forward post-pandemic. You can also access information that addresses pressing needs around COVID treatment and vaccinations, as well as articles on strategic growth, including how to contain costs and utilize your core and contingent staff most effectively.

    Look for future articles here and on social media by following the hashtag #PlanandPersevere.


    Advice from AMN Leaders 

    We asked executives from across our company this question: What one piece of advice they would give for moving forward post-COVID? Here's what they said:


     landry seeding amn group president and ceo

    Landry Seedig

    Group President and Chief Operating Officer, Nursing and Allied Solutions

    "Invest in your leadership team because they will need to be stronger than ever to lead the charge on change. Think differently....the same Talent Acquisition strategies that worked before won't work in the future. Healthcare professionals want and need more flexibility. You need to create a flexible work environment that matches what healthcare professionals want, in order to drive satisfaction and attract more talent to your system."


    Maisam Ileiwi 100

    Maisam Ileiwi

    Diversity Manager

    "It’s easy to say 'adapt and move forward' as the piece of advice one gives regarding such a historic time. However, I feel that would subtract from the paramount lesson of empathetic adaptation we learned. When the world we knew changed overnight, all we had were our values of trust and respect. That was our constant. No matter the day, place or situation, we chose to adapt in the most empathetic and respectful way in order to build trust for our peers, providers and communities. That was the lesson learned, which leads to the advice of keeping our values at the forefront and choosing to propel forward with empathy, reliance and respect."


    Kim Howard AMN Senior VP Strategic Client Sales

    Kim Howard

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Sales

    "Sometimes to move forward we need to take a look back. There were a ton of innovative ideas that were developed throughout the pandemic that can be re-purposed for the future. Evaluate those best practices and utilize them! If we learned anything during COVID, it is to dig deep, think outside of the norm. Try things that make an impact."


     Dan White AMN President Strategic Talent Solutions

    Dan White

    President, Strategic Talent Solutions

    "When I listen to clients about what is needed to achieve success coming out of COVID, there are three themes: Drive time-to-revenue improvement, deliver cost savings without impacting quality, and implement new models that sustain these initiatives into the future."


    Learning From Covid

    Learning From Covid

    Read about emerging healthcare best practices resulting from COVID-19 that will continue to evolve beyond the current crisis.
    Download pdf >>

    COVID-19 Vaccine Planning

    COVID-19 Vaccine Planning

    Learn all the ways AMN can assist with your vaccination planning and deployment, from staffing to scheduling to medically-qualified language interpreters.
    Download pdf >>

    Containing Hospital Labor Costs White Paper 2021

    White Paper: Containing Hospital Labor Costs during COVID-19 and Beyond AMN

    Learn methods hospitals can use to control labor costs while continuing to ensure high levels of quality care and access for patients in their communities.
    Download pdf >>

    Containing Hospital Labor Costs during COVID-19 and Beyond

    Infographic: Containing Hospital Labor Costs during COVID-19 and Beyond

    This infographic summarizes the cost containment strategies laid out in the white paper.
    Download pdf >>

    OTM for Emergency Staffing

    Open Talent Marketplace for Emergency Staffing

    Now and in the future, you need access to a wide pool of agencies and talent to meet critical clinical and non-clinical needs. The AMN Open Talent Marketplace is our easy-to-use digital talent platform, and is the single source for healthcare facilities and their leaders looking for the right talent to fill critical staff positions.
    Download pdf >>

    Growing Role of the Contingent Labor Force in Healthcare

    The Growing Role of the Contingent Labor Force in Healthcare

    The composition of today's healthcare workforce, like the healthcare system itself, is evolving and growing, both in size and complexity. Learn how the industry is evolving.
    Download pdf >>

    COVID Lessons Learned

    Lessons Learned from COVID-19

    This infographic identifies four key areas where planning can lead to future success
    Download the infographic>>

    COVID Best Practices

    Healthcare Practices Beyond COVID-19

    What lessons learned during the pandemic will prove helpful as healthcare adapts to a new normal? Our latest blog post explores best practices that will endure long after the pandemic ends.
    Read the article>>

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