MSP AMN Insights January 11, 2024

Adapting to the Future of Work with Flexible Talent Models

For organizations to effectively manage their workforce, they require a strategy tailored to suit their needs. The strategy should be designed to accommodate fluctuations in demand and be comprised of skilled staff who can be seamlessly deployed as required.

Several healthcare systems have established internal agencies and float pools to manage costs while retaining control over their flexible labor pools. This approach also offers clinicians greater control over their work-life balance by providing more flexibility.


Internal Float Pools  

Internal float pools are a proven solution that gives healthcare organizations the ability to manage increases in patient volume or unexpected vacancies and sick calls. Further, an enterprise float pool can be layered over a site-based pool to increase that flexibility – tackling needs across the entire health system.

Internal float pools offer key benefits such as:

  • A consistent and efficient staffing solution across multiple facilities, resulting in better patient outcomes, improved staff retention, and reduced costs.
  • Optimizes staffing levels, reduces the need for premium contract staffing, and ensures that all facilities have access to qualified and experienced nurses.
  • A large pool of nurses to draw from to meet staffing needs more efficiently, even during high demand or unexpected staffing shortages.


Internal Agencies   

Internal agencies are another solution to increase flexibility while giving an organization greater control over their supply of staff. Like a traditional traveler, internal agency professionals cover short-term assignments – 13 weeks or less – but they are employed by the hospital or healthcare system subsidiary. Once an assignment is completed, resources are assigned to a new “contract” in the same or different department.

The key features and benefits of an internal agency include:

  • A range of staffing solutions, including temporary or short-term placements, permanent placements, and contract staffing.
  • Manages fluctuations in patient volumes, covers staff absences due to illness or PTO, and provides specialized staffing solutions for specific departments or units.
  • Offers an in-demand employment model for organizations to attract experienced, local RNs who desire greater flexibility.


Direct Sourcing  

Healthcare organizations can utilize direct sourcing to engage with talent pools consisting of known and pre-qualified candidates, as well as externally sourced talent. When creating contract requisitions in a vendor management system (VMS), these orders can be routed to an organization’s directly sourced talent pool first. Our VMS platform utilizes sourcing channels for internal float pool, direct hire aggregation, staffing agency management, and independent contractors for all clinical and non-clinical talent needs. This provides more options to source qualified clinicians faster while simultaneously reducing costs.


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