Travel Nursing May 9, 2022

Why We Love Nurses

Nurses Month

AMN Healthcare recruiters share their gratitude for nurses

The team at AMN Healthcare is privileged to work with some of the most talented and caring nurses in the country. In helping them get connected with travel nursing jobs, we’ve been witnesses to their selfless dedication and amazing resilience, especially during the last couple of years.

We have seen nurses volunteer to work in COVID hot spots and work through other difficult situations, all while demonstrating real compassion for patients and their healthcare colleagues.

In order to recognize these amazing nurses and show our appreciation, especially during Nurses Month, our recruiters recently shared some of their favorite things about working with nurses.

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6 Reasons We Are Grateful for Nurses

  1. Nurses are resilient and dependable
    It has been a tough couple of years, for nurses in all types of workplaces. Recruiters shared story after story of how their nurses stepped up to keep caring for patients during COVID, and in fact volunteered to work in some of the hardest hit areas of the country. “My traveler was one of the first ones to reach out and take on a difficult New York City contract,” one recalled.

    Nurses have worked hard and long hours, going above and beyond what many thought possible. Many worked in units that were understaffed. In fact, travel nurses have been part of the solution to patient surges, by going where the needs were the greatest. Nurses have also been learning the importance of self-care to increase their resilience and maintain their mental and physical health.

  2. Nurses stay positive
    Our recruiters have seen nurses who continue to have a sunny disposition despite a heavy workload or difficult assignment. They demonstrate a positive attitude, stay professional, and are committed team players who do what they can to support their healthcare colleagues. Having a positive attitude isn’t always easy, though. Many nurses are mindful and make conscious efforts of self-care to prevent burnout. For tips about preventing overwhelming stress and fatigue, read Self-Care Tips from Nurses.

  3. Nurses are adaptable
    Travel nurses have always been known for their flexibility, but the last two years have shown a new level of adaptability. These nurses have been willing to work days or nights, and have been patient with schedule changes. They are willing to help where and when they were needed, which has been vital to rapid response and helping solve staffing issues.

  4. Nurses love learning
    Our travel nurses are trained in a specialty and may have several years of experience, but they always appreciate learning new skills on assignment. Many have cross-trained in multiple specialties, and have been willing to float to other units as needed. This love of learning has helped their employers as well as their own careers, as they have been able to gain a range of nursing experience.

  5. Nurses are trustworthy and professional
    Nurses rank as the most trusted and ethical profession in the country, and have for the last 20 years, according to Gallup’s annual poll. That’s not surprising to us. Many of AMN Healthcare’s nurses have been working with the agency for years, and continue to get rave reviews from healthcare clients. They represent themselves and the company well, and are often asked to extend or renew their assignments. “They are always up for the task,” said one recruiter. Some are even recruited for staff positions.

We are grateful for every nurse who continues to give their best to their patients—every day, and in every situation. Thank you!

AMN Healthcare has thousands of travel nursing jobs across the U.S., and a team of specialists who are ready to help you have a successful assignment.

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