Top Places and Tips for Travel Nurses to Find Love

If you’re looking for your soulmate, love could be around the corner on your next travel nursing assignment. Discover adventure and romance while advancing your career. And if you fall for another travel nurse, you can BOTH take a travel nursing assignment while exploring your dream vacation.

Travel nurses can find their soul mate while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime

Top 50 Cities for Best Dating Opportunities
Known for their “Best Of” lists, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 150 most populated U.S. cities based on 25 key metrics to help travel nurses and others know about the best dating opportunities. Here are the top 4:

   1.  Seattle, WA 
   2.  Las Vegas, NV
   3.  Denver, CO
   4.  Atlanta, GA

It’s easy to find romance when you’re on a travel assignment with these tips for dating and finding love on the job. For single travel nurses wanting to find love on the job, check out the best cities listed below for your next travel nursing assignment. To help you find a travel nurse assignment in the top five for finding love, click on the job links above.

Travel Nurse Jobs 
        Top City(ies) for Romance 
       Go If You Like: 
Jobs in Alaska   Sitka, Anchorage   Adventure
Jobs in Wisconsin   Madison   Outdoors, festivals, cheese
Jobs in Arizona   Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale   Dining, dancing, desert fun
Jobs in Georgia   Atlanta   Sports, nightlife, dining, breweries
Jobs in Texas   Austin   Cowboys, blues music, arts, beer
Jobs in Nevada   Reno   Casinos, outdoor adventure
Jobs in Ohio   Cincinnati   Zoo, sports, concerts, arts & culture
Jobs in Florida   Orlando, Tampa   Water sports, parks, nightlife
Jobs in Utah   Salt Lake City   Skiing, outdoor adventures


What are you waiting for? Your travel nurse adventure may introduce you to the man/woman of your dreams. 

Love on the Run: Dating Tips for Travel Nurses

With Valentine’s Day approaching, romance ignites the imagination. But don’t let the Cupid craze send you punch drunk into the romance quest. Being new to town, treat every date as a friend you haven’t met. If it works out, great. If not, you may have a new a walking buddy at least.

Here are some dating tips for travel nurses:

1. What’s Your Romance IQ?

The key to dating while on a travel assignment is to know what you want from the beginning. Are you just looking for fun and want a movie companion or tour guide? Are you looking for Mr./Ms. Right forever? Be truthful with your love agenda so your heart (or theirs) doesn’t take a bruising. A short-term assignment doesn’t mean you can’t start a relationship. If you meet someone you really like, you might ask to extend your assignment or have your recruiter find you another one in that city.

You can also stay in touch via Skype/FaceTime, text and snail mail after your travel nursing assignment is over. Distance does make the heart grow fonder, and being a traveler gives you more chances for getting together again.

2. Dating People You Meet at Work

This can be a little tricky. First, be sure you know your Romance IQ because you don’t want any dating/break-up to affect your travel nurse assignment and give you a bad reputation. One advantage of dating another healthcare professional is you have a LOT to talk about and understand the job’s day-to-day stress. Other tips?

  • Know your hospital’s protocol when it comes to dating someone on the job, and you’ll want to be especially careful if one of you supervises the other.
  • As a travel nurse, you may find it easier if you can date someone who has the same shifts and days off that you do.
  • Nurses and other co-workers can help you know whether the person you are interested in is a serial dater or a serious prospect, and give you some insight into their character. Again, know thyself before saying yes.

3. Tips for Meeting Potential Dates

If you’re already on a dating service (E-Harmony, Match, Tinder), you know the drill, so it’s easy to just change location and build on your existing profile. If not, then let your hobby/passion be your guide to romance.

If you’re over the bar scene, check local entertainment sections for single-friendly events. Ask your fellow nurses what they do for fun--and join them if you can--or if they have any single friends. Some other tips for meeting people you might want to date while on a travel nursing assignment:

  • Are you a secret rodeo queen and country music lover? Find a free two-step dance class.
  • Check Meetup for events you enjoy (beach days, runners clubs, etc.).
  • Take a cooking class at a local restaurant or attend a wine/beer tasting.
  • Take a DIY class at Home Depot or Lowe’s if you’re a girl; a craft class at Michael’s if you’re a guy.
  • Volunteer at an event (theater usher, concerts), church or for a non-profit (animal shelter).
  • Coffeehouses and bookstores are easy places to meet people. Just ask someone if what they’re reading is interesting or what kind of latte is their favorite.

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