Top Resources to Connect With Other Nurses

Surrounded by patients and medical staff for hours on end, nursing is rarely a lonely profession. Yet if you are setting off on a travel nursing assignment and want to set yourself up for social interactions, these resources can help you get it done.

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Resourses to Connect with Nurses

Here are just a few of the top sites catering to good old-fashioned nurse connections for the purpose of friendship, or even dating opportunities.


This user-friendly site allows you meet directly with others in your own region who are also nurses. If you can’t find an existing group that fits your parameters, it is simple to set up a new post, narrowing it down to exactly what you’d like. For example, if you are looking for nurse friendships in, say, Cleveland, Ohio, just start up a post on that topic, come up with a meeting place and time, and voila! Nurse friendship opportunities galore! also has groups to fit other interests, ranging from sports to card games to cooking and cultural pursuits.


This American Nurses Association site allows you to join specific online communities, including ones that can be narrowed down to your preferences. You can create your profile page, easily link up to sites associated with the state where your travel jobs take you, narrow down specific groups of interest to you and more. The site has a strict code of conduct, to prevent rudeness, inappropriate comments or other unfavorable behavior.


This popular site is chock-full of posts, articles, blog updates and more. It is easily broken down into nursing sub-groups, including travel nursing, men in nursing, and even an introduction/greeting page so you can safely introduce yourself to the wonderful world of nurses online. You can also browse through many relatable posts, and respond as often or as little as you’d like. It is a safe place to comment on any nurse-related topic on your mind.

4.  The Neighborhood Walkabout

No, this isn’t an online community, but it is one of the best ways to get connected with your neighbors firsthand. Get out and walk! Stretch your legs, stop in the neighborhood coffee shop or watering hole, visit the weekly farmers’ market, and find other ways to meet people and get involved in your new community. The staff and travel nurses you work with can also offer advice on places to go and make great adventure partners. 

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