How To Renew Your Travel Nursing Job

One of the most common questions about working a travel nursing job is the process of renewal. If you like an assignment and want to extend it past the standard 13-week period, what can you do?

As soon as you realize a specific assignment you’d like to continue, our experts advise starting the renewal process as quickly as possible.

The first step is to actually ask for an extension. This is usually done by first mentioning the possibility to your nurse manager after a month into your assignment. This will let the hospital know that that you’re interested in staying on and extending your assignment — be it another 13 weeks, or even 26 weeks, depending on the hospital’s need and budget.

“I have nurses that have been at the same hospital for many consecutive assignments,” says a recruiter with AMN Healthcare. “If hospitals have a need, the nurses can definitely stay.”

An advantage of extending your current assignment is getting to skip the job interview process—usually, it’s just a matter of your manager saying yes or no, depending on need.

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Transitioning to a New Travel Nursing Job

If you think you’d like to keep travel nursing, but would prefer not to extend your current assignment, we advise letting your AMN recruiter know as soon as possible. Let us know what you’re looking for—location, facility type, salary, and so on, and we’ll get to work finding a great new travel nurse job opportunity — we may even have it waiting for you when your current assignment ends.

The interview process applies when we send the nurse’s paperwork out to various hospitals where they’re going to start that phone interview process again to make sure that they’re a good fit and to get all the details about the hospitals so they can make sure that everything works for each party.

You’ll have to go through another interview process, but that’s to be expected. Luckily, most of the paperwork is already done. “The amazing thing about being with AMN Healthcare is the fact that once you do that paperwork, it’s good for a full year,” Sera points out. “Occasionally, there may be one or two items that will be unique to the new hospital that a nurse will have to fill out or get to us but in general, all that paperwork that they did originally will follow them around.”

Flexibility is an option here, too. If you want your travel nurse assignments to run back to back, we can arrange that. You also have the freedom to take a few weeks off between assignments. As long as your time off doesn’t exceed one year, you’ll be considered an AMN Healthcare traveler. And if your time between assignments is a month or less, you’ll be able to maintain your AMN Healthcare benefits.

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