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Travel February 1, 2017

10 Fun Facts About Travel Nurses

Life is definitely a journey, and no one understands this better than a travel nurse. AMN HHealthcare travel nurses go around the country, exploring new destinations, meeting new friends, and making memories along the way.

Check out these 10 fun facts about travel nurses and their unique lifestyles:

1. Travel nurses have been around for nearly four decades. 

Some trace the start of travel nursing to the late 1970s when extra nurses were brought to New Orleans to care for the influx of people during Mardi Gras. The number of travel nursing agencies and contracts grew in the 1980s, and the field has had a major influence on nurse staffing ever since.

2. Travel nurses are in high demand. 

This has become especially true in the last couple of years! The economy has rebounded and employers want to meet demand while remaining flexible and efficient. Experienced nurses can go almost anywhere they want, work in the healthcare facility of their choice, and gain valuable skills to advance their nursing careers. 

Travel nursing can give you job security and longevity in your chosen field.

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3. Travel nurses get paid to travel and experience adventures. 

Travel nurses can choose from assignments in all 50 states, usually ranging from 4 - 13 weeks in duration. They can sightsee, experience new cities, meet new people, explore national parks and historic sites, visit theme parks, try out new sports and hobbies, and create lasting memories. From food and music meccas like Portland and Austin to the big-city offerings of Boston or New York, to surfing and other warm-weather perks in Southern California or Florida, travelers have a chance to complete their own adventure bucket list. 

Travel nurses also earn great pay and bonuses, live in free housing, and can get reimbursed for travel expenses—while enjoying many standard employment benefits!

Learn more about travel nurse pay and benefits.

4. Travel nurses receive free job placement assistance. 

If job hunting is not your favorite thing, you’ll love the fact that travel nursing agencies actually go to work for you. And it doesn’t cost you anything.

At AMN, for example, your personal recruiter will help match your personal and professional goals to the best opportunities around the country. Our team is also there to provide support throughout the interviewing, licensing, relocation, and onboarding process—and throughout your travel assignment.

5. Travel nurses can bring family, friends, and/or pets. 

You don’t have to be alone while hitting the road for travel nursing jobs. In fact, you have a lot of options: you can travel with your family or significant other, you can travel with a friend, including another nurse (ask your AMN recruiter about booking your assignments together), and/or you can travel with your pets. 

Your friends and loved ones mean a lot to you, so they mean a lot to us, as well.  Your housing options can be affected, however, so let the recruitment team know about any potential travel companions as soon as possible

6. Travel nurses can work in nearly any specialty.  

ICU nurses, ER nurses, OR nurses, telemetry nurses, med–surg nurses, labor and delivery nurses, dialysis nurses, pediatric nurses, and many other nursing specialties can translate to a travel nursing career.  Most will require at least 12 - 24 months of experience. Don’t see your specialty listed? Search our jobs database or contact a recruiter for details.

7. Travel nurses experience more change than most (and it’s a good thing). 

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are culturally diverse environments. When travelers work on new assignments in different states, they get to experience the local culture in addition to the staff diversity in the hospital. They learn a lot about how to get along with people, and how to care for different patient populations. They also experience new ways of doing things in their specialty. 

This all translates to greater knowledge, greater flexibility, and the ability to adapt—which future employers will love.

8. Travel nurses have more freedom than most nurses. 

Traveling nurses can choose where and when they want to work. They can choose the hospital and destination for their next assignment and when to work there, even scheduling side trips to attend family events or take once-in-a-lifetime vacations. 

Do you want to go skiing in winter, attend music festivals in the spring, live near the beach in the summer, take that European trip between assignments in the fall, or see New York City at Christmas? Almost anything is possible.  

9. Travel nurses can gain experience at top facilities. 

Through new experiences and assignments in different hospitals, travelers gain skills to add to their résumé and advance their careers. Imagine having the chance to work in Magnet hospitals, academic medical centers, specialty hospitals, and many of the country’s top-rated healthcare facilities. You can also learn from doctors and nurses who are tops in their field and can experience working with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

10. Travel nurses often fall in love. 

Yes, it’s true. Nurse travelers will often fall in love … be it with a destination or a person! Travelers often find a city or location that holds a special place in their heart, and it may be a place they didn’t expect. Where will you find your new favorite place? 

Some of our travel nurses have also met their future spouses on assignment, either at work or even right next door. The possibilities start when you take that first step to becoming a traveler, and then keep your mind and your heart open.

Are you ready to experience travel nursing for yourself? Contact the recruiters at AMN Healthcare to answer any questions, or find your new travel nursing job today!  

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