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3 Ways to Get Your Nurse Grad Resume Through Automated Tracking Systems

As a new nurse, it can be daunting to create your resume as you begin the search for your first position. With many employers using automated tracking systems to screen new applicants, there are a new set of rules that determine how effective your nursing resume will be. To get through this system, check out these three tips to ensure your new grad nurse resume sets you up for success.

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3 Tips To Design Your Best New Grad Nurse Resume

  1. Keep It Simple

Automated tracking systems are built to scan resumes for pertinent information and categorize applicants based on their qualifications. To do this, the system is designed to recognize standard resume formats and read text in common fonts. Although it is sometimes tempting to get creative with a nursing resume in an effort to stand out, this can backfire and make your document unreadable to the automated tracking system.

Tip: Keep formatting simple, avoid fancy fonts and don't include any graphics. To ensure you don't miss out on a great opportunity due to a technical error, save the unique resume styles for hiring managers you know will review them in person.

  1. Focus On Your Keywords

When automated tracking systems catalog resumes, employers will generally set parameters that determine the minimum qualifications needed for an applicant to be considered. This is often done in the form of a keyword search. The more keywords in your new grad nurse resume that match those identified in the system, the higher your ranking on the follow-up list will be.

Tip: As a new nurse, guessing the right keywords can seem difficult, but the best strategy is to take your keywords directly from the job posting and add a skills list to your resume.

If the listing says the facility wants a candidate with leadership qualities and strong interpersonal skills, make sure to include those strengths in the skills section. Just take care not to add keywords that don't match your abilities. Even if you make it through the automated tracking system, you will have to justify your resume to a hiring manager at some point, so honesty is the best policy.

  1. Don't Use The Same Resume For Multiple Openings

It may seem like a good idea to save time by creating a general resume that you can submit to multiple facilities, but automatic tracking systems will penalize you for this by screening you out. A one-size-fits-all resume will not have the keywords or phrases specific to each position you're seeking and will not earn ranking within the systems.

Healthcare facilities need a range of nursing styles and personality types to round out their staffing gaps. Even if you are applying for the same job title with different employers, the qualifications each facility is looking for can be vastly different. Don't get your resume sent to the bottom of the list by trying to save yourself a few hours of preparation.

Tip: Take the time to craft a targeted resume for each position you wish to apply for. Although your new grad nurse resume will lack significant employment history, possibly disqualifying you from some opportunities, you can make up for that by ensuring every other section reflects what your potential employer is seeking.

All Things Considered...

Creating a new grad nurse resume is an important part of starting your career. Today, with the use of automated tracking systems, employers have streamlined the process of sifting through potential applicants to find those most qualified to fill their open positions. With the use of this technology, it can be easier than ever for new graduates to get their nursing resumes into human hands.

Keeping a simple format, maximizing keyword use and creating targeted resume for each submission are all techniques that maximize the effectiveness of your resume. As long as you keep your claims honest and emphasize how you can benefit the company, you'll be scheduling your first interview in no time.

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