What is Rapid Response Nursing?

Rapid Response Travel Nursing Vs. Rapid Response Teams

Before we proceed with the details about a rapid response nurse, let’s clarify some ambiguity in terms.

The term “rapid response nursing” is sometimes used interchangeably, referring to both a nurse on a rapid response travel assignment and a nurse on a hospital’s rapid response team. A rapid response travel nurse refers to a nurse who works quick-start assignments that may begin within a couple of days to a couple of weeks. A nurse on a rapid response team provides critical care expertise for patients who demonstrate signs of imminent clinical deterioration; these specially trained clinicians are often called upon to act quickly and provide treatment before ICU transfer, cardiac arrest, or death.

This article highlights rapid response travel nurses, which can include nurses in a variety of specialties.

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Why Do Nurses Choose Rapid Response Nursing Assignments?

  1. Short assignments: 

    Traditional travel nursing assignments usually require a commitment of at least 13 weeks. Rapid response travel nurses typically work shorter assignments, ranging from two to eight weeks. This is a great option for nurses who are between assignments and are looking to earn money quickly.

  2. Contract flexibility: 

    Just as a short nursing assignment is intriguing, so is the option to extend the contract if the facility still has a need and you have the available time. Sometimes nurses do this when they enjoy the working environment, want more time to experience their geographic location, or are attracted to the excellent compensation.

  3. High pay rates: 

    Rapid response travel nurses can earn a substantial amount more than a typical travel nurse. Health care facilities call upon rapid response nurses when their hiring needs are urgent. This means pay increases due to the high nursing demand.

  4. Wanderlust:

    These short, flexible, rapid response assignments are a perfect fit for nurses with a lust for travel. These positions are in high demand, creating a multitude of location options.

Get Started in Rapid Response Nursing

Nurse availability is the top requirement of a rapid response travel nurse. With sometimes only a couple of days' notice, rapid response nurses need to have their required documents organized and up to date. For nurses with compact licenses or multiple state licenses, more rapid response doors open.

Notably, rapid response travel nursing is a good fit for experienced nurses. Due to the last-minute nature of the assignment, it is expected for nurses to hit the ground running, and having experience is the best way to be prepared. Knowledge of multiple electronic medical record (EMR) systems is also a huge asset. In fact, some rapid response contracts are created to provide extra help while hospitals and practices are undergoing an EMR conversion.

Nurses who work rapid response contracts can also enjoy a range of benefits, including free housing, travel reimbursements, health coverage, retirement plans, free continuing education, and more.

AMN Healthcare is a leader in rapid response nursing assignments and specializes in these quick-start assignments. Our team is ready to help rapid response nurses – from credentialing to housing – every step of the way.

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