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7 Top Nursing YouTube Channels You Don't Want To Miss

Nursing YouTube channels provide a valuable service to RNs who need a quick laugh, professional advice, or just a casual moment of connection over shared professional experiences. If you've ever found yourself wasting an afternoon on the latest viral video on the front page, take a moment to check out and subscribe to these seven nursing YouTube channels created with you in mind.

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7 Nursing YouTube Channels to Subscribe

    1. Registered Nurse RN: This nursing YouTube channel focuses entirely on creating informative videos. With topics that include tips for getting through nursing school, passing the NCLEX exam, nursing career advice, and how-to videos that cover a variety of useful nursing skills, Registered Nurse RN is an excellent resource for students and nurses, at any level, who are looking to brush up on their techniques or need some professional guidance.
    2. EmpoweRN: Caroline, the founder of EmpoweRN, delivers her educational videos engagingly and dynamically. Taking inspiration from watching meteorologists break down the weather, videos are visually focused and tackle complex medical systems, finding ways to simplify them and make them easier to understand. She also has many uploads that offer tips for managing stress, personal care, building confidence, and sharing stories about her nursing experiences.
    3. Nurse Blake: This channel focuses on poking lighthearted fun at all the quirky traits nurses seem to share. Some of his titles include When Nurses Try to Flirt, Types of Nurses, and The Scrub Romper -Hottest Fashion for Nurses. Blake's charismatic delivery and self-deprecating humor make this channel an excellent go-to for nurses who need a quick break from the serious nature of their jobs, check out Nurse Blake.

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  1. Simple Nursing: The Simple Nursing YouTube channel was created as a marketing tool to advertise the paid courses offered on the main website. For this reason, the videos offered are generally short and avoid complex procedures or topics. Despite that, there is a ton of solid information offered, such as tips for clinicians, exams, procedures, and managing the work-life balance as a nurse. Nurse Mike is the face of Simple Nursing videos, but a few titles feature Nurse Blake.
  2. Sean Dent: Sean Dent's YouTube channel is one of those hidden gems that the masses haven't discovered. He covers a range of important nursing topics, such as navigating coworker relationships, staying positive, and handling patients who are dying, and sharing many of his own experiences. Sean keeps his tone casual, and it gives him a relatability that's rarely found on professional YouTube channels. The Sean Dent channel sets itself apart by being one of the few that offers insight into many of the tougher aspects of nursing.
  3. Nurse Mendoza: Nurse Mendoza offers a little bit of everything on his channel. His goal is to aid other nurses and nursing students by sharing his stories and insights stemming from his work in telemetry, med/surge, recovery, and critical care. Many of his videos focus on his own experiences, but others review nursing tools and offer ideas for self-care and tips on various nursing skills and career struggles. His videos are engaging and offer practical advice that viewers can easily follow.
  4. Nurse Bass: This is another informative nursing YouTube channel that aims to provide help to students and nurses. Nurse Bass shares personal experiences in some of his videos and doesn't shy away from describing his failures, so other nurses know they aren't alone in their mistakes. One element that sets this channel apart is the motivational emphasis in much of the content. Nurse Bass pushes each viewer to believe in themselves and rise to their full potential. For students and nurses who are just starting, this can have a huge impact on a professional drive and help reframe negative experiences into opportunities for personal growth.

YouTube has become an excellent source for practical information and guidance on almost any topic, and nursing is no exception. If you're searching for nursing YouTube channels that will help you improve your skills, build your confidence and offer sound personal and career advice, the channels listed above each offer something unique while all working to achieve the same goal: improving your abilities and increasing personal and professional satisfaction.

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