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EMR Nursing: 5 Reasons to Consider Becoming an Electronic Medical Record Specialist

Electronic medical records are becoming an increasingly important part of quality health care. 

Among their many benefits are accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information at the point of care, safer prescriptions, legible documentation, and improved productivity. Nurses with skills suited to EMR jobs are in demand.

5 Reasons To Consider Electronic Medical Record Jobs

1. Help provide safer care

Electronic medical record jobs improve the quality of care for patients by providing accurate records that improve diagnostic precision and reduce or eliminate medical errors. Three-quarters of providers report that EMR improves the quality of care they provide.

2. Support care coordination

In modern medicine, sophisticated and quality care has increasingly come to depend on coordination. Teams of clinicians, therapists, nurses, primary care and specialist physicians, and technicians are often involved. 

They all have their own interactions with the patient, and having the full body of patient data at their fingertips can make the difference in producing the best outcome. Electronic medical record jobs let you make that record possible.

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3. Set the stage for continuous improvement

When staff can access the right data efficiently at the right time, clinical standards are easier to reach for via data-based decision-making. 

It becomes possible to easily measure and analyze results, identify priorities for improvement and monitor how improvements are implemented by clinicians.

4. Identify gaps in care

Dr. Ghassian Silman at the Austin Diagnostic Clinic says, "The [EMR] helps us identify patients with gaps of care. For example, identifying patients who need breast cancer screenings by having specific programs that look at the patient population, their names, their last date of service, and the results of their mammogram. We identify the patients who are in need of medical care.”

Long-term tracking and data analysis can literally make the difference between life and death for patients in need, and nurses who take on EMR jobs help bridge those gaps.

5. Enjoy long-term advantages in the job market

Emily Fralin, RN, says, "Electronic medical records are important parts of all healthcare offices and facilities now. You're required to use them, and they provide some great benefits for patients too, but not everyone knows how to use them well. A lot of doctors and nurses did their jobs for years without computers being a big factor, so nurses who can use EMR systems have a skill that helps them get a job. Plus, EMR isn't going away, so it's a skill that will be valuable for years."

There is currently a notorious shortage of qualified EMR workers that previous specialists in the IT field are struggling to fill. 

There's a simple reason: the best choices for EMR jobs are people with nursing credentials who understand the patient data, procedures, and ethical issues that EMR involves.

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