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10 Funny Signs You’re a Nurse and a Mom

It’s Nurses Week and Mother’s Day, all rolled into one fabulous week. So guess what? There are two reasons to celebrate you and everything you do for the people in your life.

Whether you’re the mother of seven children, a single parent, a step-parent, a gay parent, or a pet parent, you’re a parent through and through and a nurse to the core--which makes for a very interesting home life for your family.

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Here are just some of the things you probably experience at home:

1.     You don’t let your family Google health problems--there’s a nurse in the house who actually KNOWS what’s wrong.

2.     Your family thinks you’re kind of gross when you get home--only the dog is your friend until you’ve showered.

3.     When you say your back and feet hurt, no one really understands the depths of your pain. Basically, you feel like you’ve walked barefoot across a hot desert while carrying a backpack full of rocks--all day.

4.    You laugh when your children say they’re desperate to pee--try holding it in for 12 hours!

5.    You see impending injuries everywhere you go--even with other people’s children.

6.    When your kids fight because one stole another child’s toy, you laugh. Try having your stethoscope and pens “borrowed” by doctors every day.

7.    You may work in healthcare, but you still secretly love junk food!

8.    You cringe every time you see a light flash or hear something beep in your house.

9.    You lock your family in the house during a full moon because you’ve actually seen the crazies who come out at night.

10.    You are the greatest role model a family could have. You’re a leader, an inspiration, a problem solver, an advocate, a hard worker and you treat everyone with dignity and respect.

This week, we’re celebrating nurses AND mothers from all walks of life. All of us at AMN Healthcare want to thank you for the sacrifices you make for your patients and your families every day.

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