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Traveling Ultrasound Jobs: 5 Advantages of Working on the Road

Travel ultrasound jobs come with a range of benefits, both for your career and for your lifestyle. Whether you want to see more of the world or break into exclusive facilities or positions, travel jobs may be the right move, especially when you work with experienced recruiters who are familiar with facilities and positions across the country.

Check out the benefits of travel ultrasound jobs below and then head over to AMN Healthcare to discover sonography jobs across the country.


1. New experiences in your career

Your job opportunities as an ultrasound tech could be limited by your geographic location; even if you've graduated from programs with full honors, aced all the exams and performed flawlessly in the past, if you live in an area without a lot of state-of-the-art facilities or large patient populations, you're less likely to work on exclusive equipment or cases.

Travel ultrasound jobs let you break through geographic barriers, and working with experienced recruiters helps you land work in exclusive facilities that may not be as open to normal hiring channels. The result is potentially fast growth in your career because you may be exposed to exciting new technologies and skills in the process.

2. New experiences outside of work
And while you're growing your career, you could be growing your personal life experiences. Travel healthcare jobs let you see sites across the country; ultrasound techs working in the southwest might take a long weekend to hike the Grand Canyon, and a stint in New York State puts Manhattan's nightlife and Broadway within easy reach. By working with the recruiters at AMN, you can customize your career to match your personal bucket list.

3. Paid housing

Some travel ultrasound jobs come with paid housing options. Clinicians that find work through AMN can access housing benefits when they take positions 50 miles or more from their own residence. Options include a stipend paid out monthly that can be used to cover housing and company-arranged paid housing. AMN's territory experts work to identify safe, quality accommodations, which means you can travel to different assignments — and see the country — without spending your time on housing concerns.

4. Competitive pay
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, diagnostic sonographers made an average of $65,620 annually in 2017. And because travel ultrasound jobs let you fill in-demand positions in areas with worker shortages, workers often earn more. The BLS notes that the job outlook for such positions is growing at 17 percent each year, which is must faster than the average for all jobs in the United States, so demand is likely to keep pay rates competitive through 2026.

5. The benefits you expect from traditional employment

The great benefits of travel ultrasound jobs aren't in place of more traditional benefits. When you sign up to work with AMN, you may be able to obtain both. AMN travelers can gain access to benefits that include dental and life insurance, medical insurance and 401(k) plans.

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