Graduate, building an SLP Clinical Fellowship resume
Travel Allied February 10, 2021

By Sam MacKay

How to Build a Top Notch SLP Clinical Fellowship Resume

You have gotten the hard part (almost) out of the way! Graduation is on the horizon and you are ready to begin the next career journey—your Clinical Fellowship. Now is not the time to let the little details prevent you from finding your perfect CF opportunity.

One of the most important aspects of your CF job search is building a solid resume. Your resume is a crucial tool for getting your foot in the door and helping you stand out as a CF candidate. To help you create an easy-to-read resume, we’ve put together the necessities of a top-notch CF resume!

General Tips

Keep formatting simple and easy to read. Use a basic but modern font and keep the size between 10-12 points. The resume should be kept to one page in length. Proofread it and then proofread it again! When it’s ready, save it as a PDF and title the file as your first and last name.

Resume Header

Include your name, email, and phone number. There is no need to include an address. Make sure to use an email address that is not for your current job. Include a link to your employer-ready LinkedIn profile. There is no need for an objective statement.


Display education in reverse chronological order. It is more important to add any Honors and skip the GPA. To beef up this section, you can also list specific certifications you’ve obtained, and any study abroad experience you have.

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This section should be in reverse chronological order, starting with your Clinical Practicum experience. Keep only relevant experiences to the job you are applying for and focus on any transferable skills between past experience and the job you are applying for. For example, keep your special needs camp job but leave off your serving job.


Do not include more than five bullet points per job/experience. Add in not only what you did but the benefit/impact it had. Show soft skills in your descriptions and avoid saying that you were an “effective communicator.” Finally, be sure to mix up the vocabulary you are using, so the reader doesn’t see every point start with the same phrase.

Note: You can include any relevant volunteer positions in this section.


Include languages (and proficiency level for spoken, written, etc.), tech skills you have, and industry-specific certifications. Do not include skills that the employer would expect, such as email or Microsoft Word.

Other Sections

If there is still space on your one-page resume, you can add awards or any relevant industry groups or memberships here. Do not include “references available upon request.”

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