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By Kate Hawes

Clinical Fellowship Program FAQ

As you explore opportunities for your Clinical Fellowship year, you will be absorbing a LOT of information. To help you stay on top of things, we've compiled some of the more frequently asked questions about AMNs' Clinical Fellowship Program. Read on to dive into more detail and get your questions answered!

Q: How Early Should I Apply for the AMN CF Program?

A: We suggest applying towards the end of the first semester of your second year of graduate school. This gives you time to speak with your recruiter about your goals and they can make sure you get your files ready to submit for jobs that match your criteria. Many of our CF positions will start interviewing as early as February!

Q: What if I Want to Switch to a Medical Setting after My CF?

A: If your goal is to work in a medical setting after your CF, we offer support to help with this transition. Our medical reimbursement option allows you to choose from one medical certification (MSBimP, FEEs, LSVT, and Dementia) to help boost your resume as well as your skillset. Our unlimited CEU platform has a built-in medical curriculum to keep your skills fresh. Finally, once you do start a new assignment in a medical setting, we will match you with a job-alike mentor (an SLP with experience in the same setting) so you’ll have someone to ask questions to along the way.

Q: Can I Pick Where I Go for My CF Travel Assignment?

A: Yes, absolutely! You pick where you go for an assignment. You’ll connect with one of our recruiters and tell them all your preferences. The main three preferences most people have are location, setting, and pay. Your recruiter will tell you all the jobs that are available that match your criteria and you can decide which options to pursue. Together, you will build a game plan to ensure you are working towards your long-term goals while also not limiting you to excellent opportunities.

Q: How Long are You in One Place?

A: Our Clinical Fellowship positions are all in the same location for the duration of the Clinical Fellowship (usually around 9-10 months) to maintain stability. After completion of the CF, travel contracts are generally 13 weeks long, with the exception of schools, which can be up to 9 months.

Q: Can I Travel with a Friend or Partner?

A: Yes! A lot of clinicians travel with a friend or significant other. We can find assignments or locations that are accepting more than one Clinician, so you can live and possibly even work in the same place together. The key to making this work is planning ahead and being flexible.

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Q: What Setting and Population Do AMN Place Clinical Fellows in?

A: Due to their openness of having Clinical Fellows and the perfect timing of the 9-to-10-month calendar (same as the ASHA Clinical Fellowship requirements,) AMN places most Clinical Fellows in school settings. Medical setting CF positions are possible, although harder to come by. The most new-graduate-friendly medical setting is skilled nursing. The ideal candidate is flexible to both. Once a Clinical Fellow obtains their CCC’s, we are here to help you transition to any other setting your location you are interested in.

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Q: How Does Payment Work?

A: You’ll be an employee of AMN and receive payments directly from us, as well as any benefits you elect (i.e., health insurance, 401k, etc.,). 

Q: Do You Have to Sign a Contract with AMN and How Long is it for?

A: For a Clinical Fellowship that is in a school, the contract would be for the duration of the school year, which is typically around 9-10 months. All our contracts are per-assignment which provides the ultimate flexibility. 

Q: What do Employers Look for in an SLP Clinical Fellow?

A: Clinical Fellow employers look for Clinicians that are flexible, have a growth mindset, are adaptable, proactive, and a self-starter. They look for those who are willing to ask questions, communicate, and lean on their entire network of support.

Q: Is There Any Training Provided for My Clinical Fellowship Job?

A: AMN offers a digital school certification training that is a series of videos that will cover a variety of school-based topics, including; special education law, writing IEPs, assessments, and collaborating with staff and parents, to name a few. This training is designed for those new to a school setting, or those that want that are returning and want to brush up on information. Med Traveler’s CEU platform also offers a wealth of subject matter to help you learn more about topics of your choosing.

Q: What if I am Having Issues at My Clinical Fellowship Job?

A: Our internal Clinical team is here to support you with any issues that may arise. You will also have a CF Supervisor Coordinator who will assist you with operational questions about your CF experience and facilitate communication between you and your CF Mentor.

Q: Are There Bilingual CF Opportunities?

A: Yes, many districts look for bilingual SLPs. If you are interested in this, let your recruiter know and they will search for bilingual positions accepting CFs.

Q: Can I Have More Than One Job at a Time? For Example, Can I Do PRN?

A: We usually advise against doing PRN during your CFY as this would require 2 supervisors and can get complicated. Once you get your CCCs we encourage you to do all the PRN and additional work you desire.

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