AMN Passport December 21, 2023

Revolutionizing Your Job Search: Auto-Submission in AMN Passport

The AMN Passport mobile app is the ultimate tool for healthcare professionals looking to explore various career options. With AMN Passport, you can easily browse and apply for travel nurse jobs, allied healthcare travel jobs, strike nursing assignments, per diem work, or permanent opportunities.

Job Search Made Simple with Auto-Submission

With AMN Passport's Auto-Submission feature, you can effortlessly set your job preferences and let the system handle the rest. The feature automatically submits your profile to jobs that align with your preferences, saving you time and effort.

Save Time, Land Jobs

Are you tired of spending hours scrolling through endless job listings, trying to find the perfect fit for your skills and experience? Our automated job application feature allows you to go "hands-free" and quickly apply to your dream jobs without wasting any time. It’s your AMN Passport pre-check, allowing you to skip the line when it comes to submitting yourself to your dream jobs. Simply turn on Auto-Submission, sit back, and let AMN Passport do the work for you!

Book Jobs You Want

With Auto-Submission, you will no longer be discouraged by looking through jobs that aren’t right for you. This feature is tailored to each user’s specific skills and interests, ensuring the best possible match. In addition, AMN Passport employs AI technology in our job match functionality and credential center to verify your documents.

Track Your Applications

With AMN Passport, you will receive timely notifications when you are auto-submitted for a job, ensuring that you are always aware of the details of the assignment. Additionally, you will have access to a centralized dashboard where you can easily view and monitor the progress of all your job applications in one place, making it simple to stay organized and informed.

Let AMN Passport Work for You

Applying for your dream job has never been easier. Improve your AMN Passport experience with a seamless application process and enjoy the convenience of applying to preferred jobs without endlessly scrolling postings. 

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