Workforce Data — Volume 6

Strong Healthcare Job Growth Continued in May

healthcare hiring report june

Healthcare continues to be the strongest growing employment sector in the economy, on its way to becoming the nation’s biggest employer within the next decade, according to federal jobs projections. Indeed, healthcare employment continued its upward trajectory in May, adding 46,000 jobs, according to the most recent seasonally adjusted statistics from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. This employment gain follows another strong month in April when more than 44,000 jobs were added.

Ambulatory care services gained the most jobs in May, adding 23,500 positions, while hospitals added 16,500. In April, the positions were reversed with hospitals adding the most jobs. The continued strong growth in hospital jobs is significant, considering that patient care is moving toward value-based reimbursements, where outpatient care is incentivized. However, the month after month growth in hospital employment shows sustained demand in the overall healthcare sector.

The healthcare sector overall has added nearly a half million jobs over the previous 12 months. The BLS has reported that same previous 12-month total – approximately a half million jobs added – each month for more than a year.

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