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Allied May 8, 2023

2023 Survey of Travel Allied Healthcare Professionals

This survey marks AMN Healthcare’s inaugural Survey of Travel Allied Healthcare Professionals, tracking the characteristics, perspectives and practice patterns of allied professionals who work on temporary healthcare travel assignments across the United States.  

Inside, you will find response data presented as a resource for employers of allied healthcare professionals, as well as current and prospective allied travel professionals, and others who track healthcare workforce trends.  

Download the survey to uncover important insights from allied travel professionals and the key findings concluded from their responses.

Highlights from the Survey:

  • Burnout is a significant reason why many allied healthcare professionals choose to work as travelers. The majority of travelers (74%) said burnout influenced their decision to become travelers either “a great deal,” “a lot” or “a moderate amount,” while only 26% said burnout had little or no influence on their decision.
  • The majority of allied healthcare professional travelers (70%) said that working as a traveler is more satisfying than working in a permanent position.
  • The majority of allied healthcare professionals (81%) said that their morale when working as a traveler is very high or somewhat high.
  • Allied healthcare professionals rated “freedom and flexibility” as the number one benefit of working as a traveler.
  • The majority of allied healthcare professionals are willing to travel long distances to travel assignments. 68% are willing to travel 500 miles or more to assignments, while a minority (7%) prefer local assignments.

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