How Technology Can Help Ensure Quality Healthcare Hires

The pressures of providing quality care in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment often drives hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare facilities to fill positions as quickly as possible. But in doing so, many providers risk bringing inexperienced or mismatched staff members into their team.

The cost of hiring poor the wrong person can be extremely high. When facilities hire talented and well-matched healthcare professionals, patient satisfaction and patient care both rise. The opposite is true when the wrong people are hired.

Unqualified healthcare workers have a negative impact on the organization as a whole. They can make more mistakes with patients that put safety at risk, lower patient satisfaction and experience, create added pressures on existing staff, and reduce a unit’s and an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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In turn, these problems damage a facility’s reputation, which is in part dependent on the staff who interact with patients every day. If an organization unknowingly hires an employee with a history of misconduct or any criminal acts, the liabilities can be huge. An organization’s progress toward fulfilling its mission can get sidetracked.

Choosing the Right Person for the Job

While healthcare organizations used to rely solely on human means to vet job candidates, today there are technology-enabled processes – in use in other industries for years – that can dramatically reduce the likelihood of hiring the wrong person while also speeding up time-to-hire.

The technology now available to healthcare organizations is called VMS, or vendor management system, a straightforward software-based system that has been in use in the technology industry for many years. A VMS can now help healthcare organizations source, screen, and contract with quality contingent workers, all in a short amount of time.

A fast hiring process is a necessity today because competition for talented healthcare professionals has gotten serious. And with shortages of nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals becoming even more severe, speed and efficiency in hiring has never been more important. VMS technology helps healthcare organizations find perfect candidates and process them quickly for hiring, before other competitors can snatch up quality candidates. Healthcare facilities that lag in filling positions will end up hiring less qualified or ill-matched workers, which can impact the entire organization.

What Does A VMS Do?

To improve the hiring process, a VMS accurately verifies qualifications and credentials to ensure that organization’s hire credible, qualified employees. It tracks pending and expired eligibility requirements so healthcare facilities always make the appropriate hire. With VMS, it is easier for healthcare organizations to be compliant with federal, state and local laws. VMS can also re-screen healthcare professionals at routine intervals to ensure their credentials are up to date.

VMS technology also can pair quality workers with the right positions. The software makes it easy for companies to set up their requirements and needs, then find a worker who meets the criteria for the position. A VMS also knows what red flags to look for to help avoid bad hires; it can match people with positions that are a good fit for the individual and for the company.

A VMS tracks individual performance. In order for healthcare facilities to maintain a talented workforce, they need to be able to track performance. Contingent workers have the opportunity to return to a facility multiple times, and that can be a plus for the organization – if the healthcare worker is a good fit. Organizations can keep track of high-performing contingent workers and hire them again when they are available. The software can offer real-time reports for staff evaluation.

Healthcare facilities that use VMS can greatly improve their access to talented workers. They can become much more competitive in hiring in the super-heated marketplace for healthcare jobs. And they can ensure that the people they hire are a good fit for their organization, while at the same time tracking their performance for decisions on rehire. Taken together, the services provided by a VMS will ultimately improve patient care by effectively managing all contingency staffing challenges.