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To Our AMN School Clients – We Heard You

New Initiatives Show Our Clients’ Feedback in Action At AMN, we value client input as the keystone of all collaborative relationships. Thanks to the thorough feedback we received from our school clients this past year, we are

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Healthcare Best Practices Beyond COVID-19

By Debra Wood, RN, contributor    COVID 19 has altered healthcare in profound ways, and some best practices learned during the pandemic will endure long after it ends.    The COVID 19 pandemic forced

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The New $1.9T Stimulus Bill Increases HCBS Funding Boost

Stimulus Bill Increases HCBS Funding Boost HCBS aid raises from 7.35% to 10% for the year With the new $1.9T stimulus bill now passed into action, it’s important to understand how that financial aid will be allocated to the Allied

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6 Benefits of Working with AMN Healthcare as your School Staffing Agency

Hiring the right candidates for your school district, especially during uncertain times, can be a daunting task. We know from our experience working with hundreds of districts that school staff have to wear many hats and finding qualified clinicians is

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AMN in the Community

Annual humanitarian trip sends AMN Healthcare volunteers to Guatemala

Our clinical volunteers helped create a temporary acute care hospital and then took part in 112 surgeries and 1,178 patient visits. Our corporate volunteers helped install 76 stoves for impoverished families. All of this in fewer than six days!

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