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AMN Healthcare Mobile App Helps Per Diem Clinicians Book Shifts in Seconds

Per diem clinicians help healthcare organizations maintain quality patient care by filling staffing gaps that occur when there’s an unexpected influx of patients, clinicians are out sick or on vacation, or any other situation when a facility may be short staffed.

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New AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions Provides Healthcare Industry’s Most Comprehensive and Expert Array of Services

On July 1, 2019, we took a strategic step forward by uniting two AMN brands –MedPartners and Peak Health Solutions.

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Medical Specialists Shortage Adds to Primary Care Woes

The prevailing wisdom among healthcare policy makers and academics in recent years has been that the United States faces a growing shortage of primary care physicians.

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Why Being Customer-Centric is the Only Best Practice that Matters

There is an endless stream of solutions to make your organization leaner, smarter, and faster. There’s always someone trying to sell you the latest tech to keep you competing against the big players. Top industry thought leaders (authentic and devised) are quick to offer their best practices to get ...

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AMN in the Community

Annual humanitarian trip sends AMN Healthcare volunteers to Guatemala

Our clinical volunteers helped create a temporary acute care hospital and then took part in 112 surgeries and 1,178 patient visits. Our corporate volunteers helped install 76 stoves for impoverished families. All of this in fewer than six days!

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