Oncology Travel Travel Nursing Jobs and Salary

In a world where compassion means everything, your work as an oncology travel nurse provides a lifeline to patients who are suffering and depends on the skills of talented clinicians just like you. At AMN Healthcare, we understand your hard work and diligence, so we take pride in placing our oncology nurses on assignment in locations across the country. The nation’s top hospitals are always in search of oncology travel nurses, giving you the opportunity to choose oncology unit travel nursing jobs lasting 13 weeks. Often, hospitals and facilities will offer you an extension if you like your new area or the facility.

Oncology Travel Nurse Salary

Earn up to $3,700/week

While they perform the same duties, oncology travel nurses often make higher salaries than full-time oncology nurses. This is because travel nurses fulfill a need, making their skills more in demand and valuable. For example, on-staff or full-time oncology nurses make an average of $76,200 per year, or $1,465 per week, according to Salary.com.,


On the other hand, an oncology travel nurse with AMN Healthcare can make up to $48,100 for a 13-week travel assignment, or between $1,180 and $3,700 per week, depending on experience and location.


*Disclaimer: Wages for CVICU travel jobs are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.

Hematology Oncology Salaries and Pay Rates for Physicians

Becoming an Oncology Travel Nurse

To qualify for an oncology travel nursing position at American Mobile, RNs must have graduated from an accredited nursing program and have at least 10 months of clinical experience working with cancer patients in an oncology unit. As an oncology travel nurse, your duties will remain very similar to any position you’ve already held.  You’ll keep track of a patient’s laboratory, pathology, and imaging studies, administer medications, fluids, and cancer treatments, and other common tasks associated with oncology nursing jobs.

Hematology Oncology Physician Benefits

Oncology Travel Nursing:

Take the Next Step

There has never been a better time for oncology travel nurses to explore the country. Why not take off on a 13-week adventure that will not only help you grow your career but also allow you to spend time in parts of the country that you’ve always dreamed of visiting.


Many of our oncology travel nurses choose positions close to friends, family, or local attractions, giving them all they need to enjoy their off time. And, if you want to take any family members or your pets along for the journey, no problem, just tell your recruiter what you’re interested in doing and we’ll take care of all the details.

Let AMN Healthcare Guide You!

As one of the oldest travel nursing companies in the U.S., we have relationships with the most respected healthcare providers in the nation, giving you the flexibility to fulfill any career goal in your oncology nursing career.


We understand that getting your resume in front of hiring managers at prestigious facilities can be hard without the right connections. That’s where we come in, helping you get interviews in the facilities that matter to your oncology nursing career. We will take the guessing game out of the interviewing process, to allow you to focus on the lifestyle factors that are important to you and your family.

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