Schools July 28, 2021

By Sam MacKay

The Top Benefits of Contracting in a School Setting

As we near the end of summer, schools around the country are gearing up to begin a new year, with students either returning to the classroom or continuing with remote learning. In either case, schools will be hiring to fulfill their staffing needs and ensure their students are properly cared for. This is where contractors come into play—therapists and school psychologists in high demand for many school districts. So, why work in a school? The answer to that question is multi-faceted, so we put together some of the main benefits you would receive as a school contractor. Check them out and gear up for first period!

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School Contract Benefits

W2 Employment Status

Though you will be working at your school district as a contractor, you will maintain W2 employment status with AMN Healthcare—combining incredible employee benefits with professional and general liability coverage for your practice.

Lucrative Compensation Packages

Who doesn’t love higher earning potential? By taking on a school contract, you will have the opportunity to earn more than many travel medical placements and permanent school positions throughout your assignment.

401k Matching & Health Benefits

As a W2 employee, you will be in line to receive some incredible company benefits through AMN Healthcare. One benefit that will help you to get ahead on retirement planning is a 401k program with company matching. You will also have the security of full company health benefits from day 1, including health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your whole family.

Dedicated Clinical Manager

While working as a school contractor anywhere in the country, you will be assigned a dedicated clinical manager to support you in your practice. Your clinical manager will be your sounding board for any clinical questions or concerns you might have during your assignment, offering their assistance on the go with knowledge of your specific caseload.  

License Reimbursement

Each state requires different licensing to practice, which can add up in cost and time as you take on assignments in new places. Through your employment at AMN Healthcare, you can stress a little less about the process with license reimbursement for any state in which you choose to work.

School Setting Benefits


Built-in Breaks

One of the most exciting benefits that come with working as a school contractor is abiding by the school calendar. Not only does the school calendar include summer vacation between school years, but it also has built-in breaks throughout the year. So, during your assignment, you’ll no longer have to stress about carefully planning time off or relying on weekends to take trips. When the students are on vacation, so are you!

Contract Stability

Along with built-in breaks throughout the year, the school calendar also offers the stability of longer contract lengths. Instead of working on 13-week assignments that typically come with a travel medical contract, your school contract will normally run approximately 9 months—allowing more earning potential per assignment and increased opportunity for renewal each year.  

Impacting Student Lives

There are a host of benefits that come with life as a school contractor, but perhaps the most important is the impact that you will make on student lives. Students receiving care through school are at an integral part of their development, whether they require speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or mental health support. Sometimes, school is also the only place where they can get the care they need. By taking a school contract, you will become a vital part of their care journey—supporting them in their daily quality of life and beyond into adulthood.

We hope these benefits have you as excited about school contracting as we are! If you are intrigued by working in a school setting but worried about your ability to move into medical, fear not—you’ll have the mobility to switch between school and medical settings down the road.

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