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By Tiffany Aller

Top Entry Level Nursing Jobs for New Grad Nurses

Looking for an entry-level nursing job? 

Registered nursing is one of the most secure occupational fields in the United States, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting jobs to increase by 15 percent between 2016 and 2026. 

Because it's a well-paying profession – the BLS estimates the median RN salary at $70,000 per year – entry-level nursing jobs attract competition.

If you are a new grad nurse looking for your first nursing job post-graduation, consider these top four entry-level nursing jobs for new grad nurses.


Top 4 Entry-Level Nursing Jobs For New Grad Nurses

1. Emergency Room Entry-level Nursing Jobs

Demand for emergency rooms to provide care for emergency and routine situations has risen significantly within the last decade. A recent NPR poll found that 47 percent of ER patients went there for non-emergency issues. More patients entering the ER, for whatever medical reason, means a higher demand for ER nurses.

Consider this opportunity for a continually changing environment that puts all of your new grad nursing skills to use daily.

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2. Ambulatory-care Nursing Jobs

Ambulatory-care nurses generally see a high volume of patients daily, and they play a critical role in patients' post-discharge, long-term recovery.

If this niche interests you, Amelia Roberts, BSN, RN, advise you to work on developing skills as a student that would be “marketable in an outpatient day-shift role.” 

She did so and soon had the position she wanted.

3. Long-term Care Nursing Jobs

Another area where new grad nurses find opportunities is long-term nursing facilities.

While many think of skilled nursing facilities first, keep in mind that the popularity of assisted-living communities and memory-care residences continues to rise significantly

Working at this type of facility allows you to become familiar with residents through everyday interaction and build healthy relationships.

Nurses often serve as a primary point-of-contact for residents; they address their concerns or direct them, as necessary, to the next level of care.

4. Nursing Jobs in Educational Environments

You may have finished your schooling, but are you a continuing student at heart? Perhaps consider an educational environment when searching for entry-level nursing jobs. 

This sector of the nursing industry is growing as the population grows, and a continuous need for new schools – and new personnel – results.

While conducting your first job hunt as a new nursing grad, remember another piece of advice from nurse Roberts: “Branding matters.”

Whichever field of nursing you choose to pursue, present yourself appropriately to showcase the skills you've gained and the passions which fuel your desire for a particular job.

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