Travel Nurse Interviews Now Easier, More Convenient

Virtual Interviews Offer Greater Convenience and Quicker Placements For AMN Healthcare Nurses

Ready to travel? As with all new jobs, travel nursing candidates must apply to work and then interview. For nurses seeking a position with AMN Healthcare company, interviewing with some hospital clients has recently become easier and more convenient with a virtual interview system.

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Tips for Virtual Interviews

  • Candidates should plan a time to interview when they are relaxed, have the time to prepare and can focus on the interview. It’s not something to do at the end of the day while also checking email or Facebook.
  • Nurses can think through responses, although some interview questions have time limits for answers. It’s important to stay focused and on topic. When typing, proof for grammatical errors or typos. Candidates should give concrete examples when possible.
  • As with traditional interviews, candidates should research the company before interviewing, dress appropriately for the interview, wear simple jewelry and have clean nails. Candidates should keep the login ID professional. Select a quiet, softly lit and distraction-free place with nothing in the background to distract the recruiter or hospital hiring authority.
  • Likewise, close the windows, turn off the stereo or television and put pets in a quiet place.
  • During the digital interview, candidates should look at the camera, making virtual “eye contact” with the recruiter. Avoid swiveling or slouching in the chair and position the camera to take in the head and shoulders.

The Benefits of Virtual Interviews

Once the interview has wrapped up, the system notifies the clinical reviewer, who will review the responses, the work history and skill sets and then match the candidate to available positions.

AMN Healthcare’s hospital clients have the option to participate in virtual interviews or interview candidates on their own. With the virtual system, the AMN team will provide each facility with the written and audio components of the candidates’ interviews. Some hospitals still prefer to let their nurse managers interview candidates or to conduct a second telephone interview.

A virtual interview often is faster, and every candidate for the available position is asked the same questions in the same way, with no voice inflection that might influence a response. That gives nurse recruiters and hospitals a way to compare answers. Prior to virtual interviewing, it could take 72 hours or longer to schedule a telephone interview with the candidate and clinical interviewer. Each interview took about 45 minutes or longer.

Now, travel nurse candidates typically complete the interviews within 24 hours, allowing faster time for placements. Additionally, candidates can think through their answers. Candidates and hospitals seem to appreciate the virtual interview. It gives nurses an opportunity to showcase their talents.

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