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Travel Nursing February 22, 2019

By Moira K. McGhee

5 Handy Nurse Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Looking for helpful nurse gadgets to make your job easier? Technology plays an important role in healthcare by providing much needed improvements in medical equipment that aid in patient monitoring, diagnosis and treatment.  

Nurses also benefit from technological advances like electronic health records, which electronically gather and store patient records, allowing for quick access throughout the facility.  

Many nurses embrace technology to help make their jobs easier and provide better patient care. If you’re looking for the latest nurse gadgets to streamline your daily tasks, check out these five tech tools you’ll want to buy. 

5 Nurse Gadgets that are Super Handy 

Some of the latest nurse gadgets help nurses improve their productivity and efficiency, which increases patient satisfaction and the nurses' job satisfaction.  

Tech tools often simplify daily tasks that previously took up a big chunk of your day. Consider these five handy gadgets for nurses that offer a variety of perks to improve your day. 

1. Buzzy® 

This handy nurse gadget provides non-invasive, clinically proven pain relief during needle procedures and is a great distraction for patients afraid of needles. 

Amy Baxter, MD, is the CEO and Founder of MMJ Labs and was inspired for Buzzy® by the need to control needle pain. Buzzy® is the first device to combine cold and vibration to inhibit pain, and nurses who use it can’t say enough about it. 

Cheley Yielding RNIV, CPEN, is Vascular Access - Board Certified and used Buzzy® while working in the ER and as part of her facility’s IV team. “I have found Buzzy® to be helpful for toddler and preschool age patients, both as a distraction and as a pain prevention measure.” 

“We have been amazed by the response of Buzzy®,” added Wendy L., MS CCLS, with Golisano Children’s Hospital. “We service over 75,000 children each year, and Buzzy® was endorsed by our pediatric pain committee as an essential non-pharmacological pain intervention. We now have Buzzy® in each pediatric department within our 750-bed university medical center.”

2. Veinlite® Vein Finder 

Even after years in the nursing field and innumerable needle procedures, it can still be difficult to find veins in certain patients or areas of the body.  

The Veinlite® Vein Finder uses a transilluminator to help find the right vein, and then it anchors the vein to prevent rolling, stretches the skin and raises the vein for easier access, and acts as a local tourniquet.  

You can use this innovative nurse gadget on adults and children, who benefit from less prodding and poking. 

3. Eko Digital Stethoscope Attachment 

Every nurse has a stethoscope, but this nurse gadget makes your stethoscope work better. The Eko digital stethoscope attachment is an FDA-approved medical device that attaches to almost any acoustic/analog, single-tube stethoscope and makes it digital.  

It also connects via Bluetooth to smartphones or similar devices to record the results, including a visual representation. The data is web app compatible and supports live streaming, making it ideal for increasingly popular telemedicine applications.

4. Livescribe Echo Smart Pen 

You write numerous notes throughout a typical workday, making the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen one of the niftiest gadgets for nurses. This smart device captures everything you write or draw and then saves a digital copy to a computer or other device for quick accessibility.  

With its built-in microphone and speakers, it also records everything you say or hear and combines this with your digitized written file.  

It’s the ideal pen for getting more organized and speeding up and improving the accuracy of your record keeping and report writing. 

5. PhoneSoap 

While PhoneSoap won’t enhance your workday, it could improve your health by killing 99.99 percent of the germs you might have inadvertently carried home on your cell phone.  

PhoneSoap kills the bacteria hiding in the crevices of your phone you can’t effectively reach through other cleaning methods.  

It uses a powerful UV-C light that doesn't damage your electronics but kills those microorganisms crawling on your phone. This helpful nurse gadget fits phones of all sizes and charges your phone while it cleans. 

When you’re looking for new ways to make your nursing tasks more efficient and effective, explore tech tools that streamline these tasks and help you provide the best patient care.  

From highly technical nurse gadgets to simple yet innovative tools, technology continually offers new advances to improve your entire workday.  

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